The New Mercedes-AMG GT C is Gorgeously Attractive and Feisty in Nature

 Thunderous propulsion

Since my youth, witnessing the sight of a supercar instantaneously puts up a smile on my face. And truth be told, it would be the same for many who adore these machines that are engineered to exhilarate. While most would simply fall for their seductive designs, actual beauty lies beneath that stylistic physique.

For that instance, the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT C (from RM1.4 million) is one perfect example — a supercar infused with the best technological innovations from Affalterbach. Not only is it styled to entice or crafted to impress, it is also established to take on its closest rivals with its growling 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that pushes out 550bhp and 680Nm.

With stonking figures such as that, it’s no surprise the AMG GT C is blisteringly quick. A century sprint is easily done in just 3.7 seconds, and if momentum is amplified, hitting its top speed of 316km/h is a child’s play. Thanks to its potent mill, for this, but its quick seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, deployable front splitter and rear spoiler does play a pivotal role for it to achieve such a master stroke.

If one is familiar with the AMG GT S, it’s easy to spot the changes found on the AMG GT C. Its herculean rear arches are 57mm wider to accommodate larger track axles and meatier 305-section rubbers at the back. It’s the same treatment used on the circuit-oriented AMG GT R, but it does without the sportier styling kits on the outside.

These noble enhancements further amplify its traction and stability at high tempo. Whilst on the journey back on the East Coast motorway, it demands to be pushed, no matter what the governing speed limit is. Saying it is planted is technically an understatement: it felt absolutely unwavering, firm and steadfast as it effortlessly clawed onto the tarmac at speeds that would please Hermes, the god of speed.

Hitting the sinuous stretch between Bentong and Gombak, the AMG GT C continued to impress. While tackling the corners in Sport+, its dynamical feedback is bewildering and extremely composed in traction. This is all made possible due to its relatively balanced weight distribution, thanks to its low-positioned engine and rear-mounted transmission.

However, the AMG GT C can get brutish in Race mode with its dampers firmed up, its traction control limited and transmission sharpened for quicker shifts. It is either engaging or hair-raising when one starts to experience a certain slip from its tail, but with a communicative chassis, it is relatively untaxing to redress any excess slither. A balanced input on both steering and throttle is key here in a bid to execute an accurate take on a bend.

Inside from the driver’s quarter, the low-seating position, chunky steering wheel and race-car like ergonomics evokes a star-studded notion of exclusivity. It’s also a boon for the keenest of drivers (and passengers), thanks to the suave-looking and supportive sports seats. Luxury touches are also very well present inside: the generous use of alcantara, dry-carbon trimmings and exquisite aluminium knobs are guaranteed to complement its overall first-rate disposition.

As a whole, the AMG GT C is a remarkable supercar. Despite retaining its traditional AMG roots by being burly, audacious and very sonorous at the same time, it’s primed with all the right mix of motoring bits and chattels to compete with its closest rivals. But in this case, you’re doing it with more flair than any of them. And this is all because the AMG GT C is simply fabulous in its own right.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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