The Bubbles of Badoit Make Each Meal a Special Occasion

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When King Louis XVI’s physician in 1778 described Badoit’s waters as having qualities that “enhance the appetite, soothe digestion and lift the spirit”, there was no doubt that Badoit Natural Mineral Water was destined for greatness. The brand as we know it today is the brainchild of Auguste Badoit who, in the 1830s helped the thermal spring town of Saint-Galmier rise to international fame.

A much-loved French brand, Badoit’s sparkling waters have brought merriment to dinners across the globe. The waters are extracted from 150 metres below ground through granite soil naturally endowed with carbon dioxide. Its resulting sparkle, finesse and unique mineral properties have undoubtedly enhanced the flavour of every meal with its subtle and balanced taste, with a fine effervescence.

Try a Badoit Rouge, a bolder sparkling version, or Badoit Flavoured Versions infused with the natural flavours of lemon, lime or mint leaf. Just recently, Badoit Ambassador and Michelin-starred Chef Thierry Marx of the Mandarin Oriental Paris created two new flavours – the Badoit Passion Fruit and Badoit Raspberry. As the New Year approaches, look out also for the annual limited edition Badoit.


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