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For The Game Changers, There’s An Extraordinary Jaeger-LeCoultre To Accompany Every Moment

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris collection, introduced at SIHH 2018, are watches that have a little bit of everything. They have heritage, with a design rooted in the original 1968 vintage. They are tough and sporty, and include divers and chronographs, but are elegant enough to match a suit. And they are a little bit different, with a styling all their own. In other words, they are watches that are a match for almost anyone.

Here are five of those diverse and talented people: famous and successful all, and an easy match for the Polaris collection that is their preference—and the other Jaeger-LeCoultre watches that would suit them.


1. The Genius

Benedict Cumberbatch

The English actor has made a name for himself playing thoughtful and quirky intellectuals—whether the real-life academics Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking, the cocky confidence of Dr Strange, or most famously the greatest, most misanthropic detective who ever lived in Sherlock Holmes. He has a natural countenance lends itself to such: tall, restrained, darkly intense, with sharp cheekbones and piercing but expressive gaze.

What else would an eccentric genius wear? Something measured and restrained, and perhaps just a bit odd. The which ic (RM487,000) is all this and more—like Cumberbatch, is tall, restrained, darkly intense, with sharp corners and can certainly be called piercing and expressive.

2. The Entrepreneur

Bruno Van Enck

Having made a name for himself with vintage-style barber shops and artisanal beer, the young and charismatic Van Enck lives the epitome of the 21st century jet-setting lifestyle. The Brazilian businessowner has a lot of his plate and could probably use a bit of help keeping track of both work and pleasure. Enter the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Quantieme Lunaire (RM167,000), a timepiece that can keep up with the refined and dynamic executive. The classy styling and moonphase complication project an air of old-school civility, while the jumping seconds and partially skeletonised dial hint at the dynamism beneath.

3. The Smooth Operator

Henry Cavill

The British actor has long shed the perception of being just ‘that guy who plays Superman,’ and flourished into a stylish exemplar of the modern gentleman. The imposing physique that won him the role is still intact and he still seems to favour Clark Kent’s slicked-back hairstyle, but his suave off-camera demeanour and sharp sartorial styling seem much closer to James Bond—of which he is rumoured to be in the running to play.

Modern, refined and with understated sophistication: this is reminiscent of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual (RM128,000). Its simple aesthetic belies the technical expertise of its perpetual calendar movement—ideal for the accomplished and cultured man who has the manners and sense to not show off.

4. The Creator

Diego Luna

Although an accomplished auteur and actor, known for appearing in the cult Mexican film Y tu mama tambien and more recently in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it is more accurate to describe Luna as a storyteller. His dedication to the craft is expressed through a thoughtful and emotive approach. He is also known for his activism, and deeply involves himself in the issues facing his native Mexico. The loyalty to his country is plainly obvious in the frank and passionate way he discusses both its problems and positives.

For a sensitive, artistic and optimistic personality, there can only be the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon (RM65,500): an elegant timepiece with the most elegant of complications. The moonphase is arguably one of the less practical features but is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful—and befits a person whose gaze tends to wander skywards, and if your last name is ‘Luna.’

5. The Global Nomad

Sunny Wang

Born in America but of Taiwanese descent, Wang has an upbringing split between both homelands. The actor and model has attended arts and business schools in New York and built his career on Chinese television and film projects—and even found the time to start his own streetwear brand. Add an Australian wife to the mix, and suddenly there are a lot of time zones to keep track of. For a globetrotter like Wang, the Polaris Chronograph WT (RM56,500) will be a valuable companion. With a chronograph, world timer and second time zone fitting into a dapper 44mm package, it makes crossing and monitoring time zones a simple and easy pleasure.

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Published December 8, 2018