This Malaysian Art Gallery offers investments in pure gold

diversify your risk with Kim il tae’s golden artworks

Kim Il Tae’s paintings are not inlaid with gold leaf or multiple layers of gold foil. As Michael Teh, co-founder and managing director of Aureo Gallery will tell you, this is the malleable, corrosion resistant material itself. The Korean artist spent several years concocting a secret recipe of actual gold powder and oil. Currently, Kim is the world’s only artist to paint in gold pigment that does not crack or change colour over time. Together with Aureo Gallery chairman and founder, Serena Chiam, they share their thoughts on the art business and Kim’s golden work.

Korean artist Kim Il Tae and fiancée, Jin Mi Ryang.

What are the major pointers to sell art successfully?

Michael: Firstly the quality of the artwork has to be superb, created in the artist’s own style. For example, Kim Il Tae is famous not merely for his artistic vision. But he also has a unique story about his tremendous struggle to successfully formulate paint using a mixture of oil and 24-Carat gold on canvas.

Next is the gallery’s capability in conveying the philosophy behind Kim’s gold art. Not many know this, but he spent seven years to perfect this secret mixture. And in the process, sold the only property he owned to pursue his dream. He was even ostracized by those around him because no one believed it was possible.

Should artists become business people, or should they leave it to the consultants or dealers?

Michael:Ideally, artists should concentrate on expressing their creativity.  However, an artist with an eccentric or unconventional personality is likely to gain attention that could strengthen their career as a whole.

Serena:Aureo Gallery was founded on a vision to share art with the world. Not just any art, but unique pieces that inspire and provoke the imagination. To that end we have a whole  support team that’s tasked with continuously educating and communicating with our customers.

Currently, Aureo Gallery is present in Jakarta, Hong Kong, China and next we will be targeting Taiwan, Dubai and Los Angeles. Kim has already gained loyal collectors including Prince Michael of Kent, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Ivana Trump, Tang Wei, Zhou Xun to name a few.

Kim Il Tae with Aureo Gallery founder, Serena Chiam.

What first attracted you to Kim’s work?

Michael:The potential of gold art. It combines gold, a precious metal deeply valued throughout history, and art, an expression of creativity deeply connected to spirituality.  To me, gold as an art form is a class by itself.

Moreover, when I buy art, I don’t think of selling for a profit the next day – I’m looking for an asset to last generations, one that is worthy of my grandchildren’s history. Gold has this regal appeal.

Serena: Kim’s work is like a rare gem as he is the world’s one and only. Hence, I feel honoured and privileged to own a piece of his work. For me, precious art does not only exude its own elegance in your home space but also releases the type of good chi (energy) to the surroundings of the space. In simpler terms, people talk about feng shui and gold is good feng shui.

What are Kim’s most impressive pieces?

Michael:If you have the chance to collect a large size painting of Kim’s gold art, go for it. Those are some of the most impressive pieces he’s created. Imagine an entire large canvas covered artistically in gold, now that’s what we call a conversation piece.

Michael Teh and Serena Chiam, the driving forces behind Aureo Gallery.


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