Royal Selangor Pays Tribute to Opulent Peranakan Artistry

Paying tribute to peranakan refinement

The latest collection from the master craftsmen at Royal Selangor pays tribute to the iconic Peranakan porcelain and Nyonya ware. The Straits Expression range brings out the artistry of the Straits Chinese who lived in the Malay Archipelago for centuries. The Baba and Nyonya community still thrives and takes particular pride in their artistic sensibilities.

And it is precisely these artistic flairs that have inspired Royal Selangor. The intricate, and delicate, designs of the Straits Expression collection showcases the opulence and lavish lifestyle of these early settlers. The star of this collection is the lidded serving dish that comprises a white fine china dish and a pewter lid with a ring finial and 24k gilded rim, perfect as a centrepiece.

Another particularly delightful piece is the peony tea caddy. Harking a sense of nostalgia, the jar is inspired by the kamcheng, a round vessel used for Peranakan weddings.

Bring the style and sophistication of the Straits Chinese into your home, especially with Chinese New Year just around the corner.

Royal Selangor 


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