Pernod Ricard Wants You To “Be A Convivialist!”

Make the world a friendlier place

There are dozens of Instagram updates, instant messages, video streams, and trusty billboards (now digitised of course) vying for your attention every moment of every day. And the struggle, according to the savvy marketeers at Pernod Ricard, is pausing long enough to build a genuine human connection. The premise is corroborated by an OpinionWay global survey that says the world is becoming a less convivial place. Consider these numbers: if 91% of those surveyed believe conviviality to be a source of well-being, 61% of them believe the world is less friendly than 5 years ago. More alarmingly, 67% of Millennials (18-34 years) regret meeting their friends less and less, due to social networks.

Since leadership is about setting an example, Pernod Ricard has unveiled “The Power of Conviviality” documentary. Filmed without professional casting, it features 12 vibrant testimonies from locations such as a karaoke bar in Shanghai, a night out in Marseille, a fancy dinner in New Orleans, to New Year’s Eve in Berlin, a beach aperitif in Tulum (Mexico), a Brooklyn bar, and a wedding in Goa.

Every occasion reveals the heartfelt fulfilment that can only come when we disengage from the hyper-connected world to share a drink, a laugh or a story about your day. For everyone who would like to be a part of the movement, head now to Pernod Ricard’s dedicated platform,


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