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Waldorf Astoria Bangkok Wants to Help You Create Sweet Memories

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Across South East Asia, there seems to be a hotel boom occurring. The Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, the brand’s first foray into the region, brings a tradition of matchless hospitality to a city where five-star hotels abound. With its 171 rooms, some of which overlook the vast green expanse of Royal Bangkok Sports Club, the hotel is great for business or pleasure.

As Daniel Welk, Vice President, Luxury and Lifestyle, Asia-Pacific for Hilton, puts it: “We offer exclusive, exceptional experiences in unique, and unforgettable destinations that ultimately become unforgettable memories." This is much the case as you step into the light-filled Andre Fu-designed lobby, shaped in undulating curves said to resemble the magnolia bloom. The hotel channels Fu’s distinctive minimalist persona: understated yet impossible to ignore. Shades of cream, beiges, and white dominate in the rooms, all of which are gorgeous exercises in grace and restraint.

A similar vibe extends to the relaxing ambience at Peacock Valley, a choice spot for afternoon tea and friendly banter. Then, there is the hotel’s architectural marvel of a swimming pool that looks in equal measures like a Star Trek set and a Las Vegas stage. On the same level, is the spa, a wellness cocoon where guests may take time out to enjoy a rebalancing massage, a treatment guaranteed to reset shoulder kinks from a 12-hour flight.

Over at the Front Room, Chef de Cuisine Fae Rungthiwa Chummongkhon innovates with her brand of Nordic-influenced Thai cuisine. She melds experience at Michelin-star restaurants like Frederikshoj in Denmark and La Belle Epoque in Germany with her Thai heritage. The result: original dishes such as the Baking Beetroot comprising beetroot, pickled papaya, and caviar; as well as a delightful lemongrass-nuanced chicken, served with black rice puree. Post-dinner, cap the evening at the top level Champagne bar, a glamorous vantage point from which to gaze at the City of Angels’ sparkling night form. For drinks, ask the bartender to surprise you – he’s good at that.

Waldorf Astoria Bangkok


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Published March 12, 2019