This Ferrari Is A Luxury Car Made For Everyday Use

An Everyday luxury Car

Once, owning a Ferrari was an intimidating prospect. They might have been a joy to drive, but they were also temperamental, demanding cars that, for the sanity of their owner, spent most of their time in a garage. Times have changed, however, as exemplified by the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (RM1,158,000 before taxes, duties and options).

It still ticks many of the traditional boxes: it is a large, sleek and curvy two-door grand tourer (three, technically—it has an estate-style rear), with a massive, naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V12 at the front. It kicks out a class-leading 680bhp, which takes it from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds, and will do 335km/h flat out.

But this is also one of Ferrari’s most civilised offerings ever. The GTC4Lusso is very well put-together by any standard. Its interior appointments are downright luxurious, with soft and plush leather seats and a large 10-inch centre touchscreen that controls an evolved infotainment system. And then there are the rear seats; these are not nominal plus-twos only suitable for small children, but proper ones that give full-grown men a respectable amount of room and comfort.

This philosophy extends to the drive character. To be clear, it will still thunder ahead if one wants it to, but a gentle touch will lead to a purr that will not wake the neighbours. The ride is on the firm side, naturally, but not far off sedan-like comfort and soaks up potholes admirably. It also hosts a sophisticated all-wheel drive system that includes rear-wheel steering and intelligent torque management—which means more stability, control and agility.

It even has a reasonably sized boot compartment. Fast, clever, comfortable and with one wheel planted in ‘practical’ territory—this is, without reservation, a genuine everyday Ferrari.


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