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The Next Generation Leica Compact Powerhouse Arrives In Malaysia

form meets function

A name synonymous with renowned design and durability, Leica recently introduced the newest member of its Q line of cameras. The Leica Q2, boasting improvements over its predecessor, still maintains its handsome black bold look, all while featuring a design that celebrates minimalism aesthetics, ensuring that photographers have quick access to tools and functionalities to use on the fly. It’s that signature Leica look that has shown up in watches and binoculars that they announced in 2018.

This new camera now comes with a whopping 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor that can capture highly detailed still images and shoot 4K video at the same time, an impressive feat when you see in person just how compact the Leica Q2 actually is. The camera’s fast-initial aperture of f/1.7 also helps with optimum picture quality even in difficult lighting scenarios, making it a grab-and-go model that is well rounded for street, architectural, landscape and portrait photography.

Not just stopping there, photographers will enjoy the extension of the integrated digital zoom function that brings it up to 75mm, enabling more flexibility when it comes to photo composition. A newly developed, high resolution OLED viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 megapixels also graces the Leica Q2, equating to an improved image depth and higher contrast for more accurate colours. Leica goes on to note that despite the higher resolution, power consumption remains low, with the viewfinder activating as soon as the camera is brought up to eye level with any delay.

The autofocus system also receives an upgrade, allowing the Leica Q2 to focus in on a subject in less than 0.15 seconds, making it one of the fastest cameras in its class. Sharing photos is also easy, thanks to an integrated Wi-Fi module, and Bluetooth allows users to change the camera’s settings remotely via a smartphone.

Encasing all this amazing new technological features is a sleek design that focuses on form and function, a quality celebrated by its fans the world over. Design cues like the thumb rest of the camera features a diamond pattern etched into its leather trim to ensure optimum grip, while the redesigned setting dial on the back of the camera prevents inadvertent shifting of the compensation value.

If you’re looking for a compact camera powerhouse with a chic and timeless design, the new Leica Q2 might just be for you. 



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Published March 27, 2019