This Rolex Owned By Marlon Brando Sold For Almost US$50K

A Piece of The Godfather

GWS Auctions put the literal godfather of all watches up for sale. Marlon Brando’s personally owned Rolex hit the block in a live online auction of Hollywood memorabilia. Brando’s Rolex – a stainless steel 31mm Datejust on a black leather strap – was gifted to the actor in 1973 just after he won the Oscar for his role in The Godfather.

The back of the watch comes engraved with “Vito’s & MB”, a reference to his character Don Vito Corleone. Brando only kept the watch for a few years before gifting it to his friend, Academy Award-nominated designer Patricia Norris, in 1976. The watch went to auction from its most current owner, who purchased it from Norris’ estate after she passed away.

The watch appears to be in good condition and has no obvious signs of refinishing. And while there is a letter of authenticity from its owner stating that the watch was purchased from Norris’ estate, there’s no official record of how this watch found its way into her possession in the first place, which may be why it didn’t come up for sale at a bigger auction house. The watch ultimately was sold for US$49,240 (RM205,380), which seems reasonable considering Elvis Presley’s Omega went for over US$1 million (RM4.1 million) and Paul Newman’s Rolex sold for over US$17 million (RM70,907,000) when they were auctioned.

The Godfather’s Rolex wasn’t the only exciting lot in this in this auction. On the less expensive front, Elvis Presley’s gold Bulova Accuquartz watch engraved “KING” on the back, which was gifted to Memphis Mafia member Richard Davis, was also on the block and sold for US$$2,200* (RM9,176)Frank Sinatra’s black patent leather evening shoes was also sold for just US$1,800* (RM7,507.80). Also sold at the auction was a signed letter dated July 7, 1938 from Howard Hughes documenting his record-setting flight around the world in a Lockheed 14 Lodestar Monoplane, it went for US$2,900* (RM12,095.90).

GWS Auctions

* These are the current available sale prices found and have not yet been verified by the auction house.

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