Nifty Features Galore, Samsung Galaxy S10+ Is Really For The Now

The Ultimate Android

Packing the best technology the tech brand can muster, the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ (RM3,699 with 128GB or RM4,599 for 512GB) has an Infinity display which takes up to 93 percent of its front fascia – pertinent because there isn’t any space for a designated unlock button. Instead, wake your device by touching the screen and ultrasonic sound waves instantly bounce of the ridges on your fingertips to complete the process. The Samsung Powershare is another nifty feature which maximises its 4100mAh battery to wirelessly charge up smartwatches and Galaxy Buds. Best of all are its five cameras; record 960 FPS slo-motion video, capture unprecedented detail with its telephoto zoom lens, or opt for super wide-angle camera for extra-large wefies. To top it all off, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is also dust and water resistant.


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