Designer Stephen Webster And Habib Jewels Play With Light To Create This Collection Of Bling

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

British jewellery designer Stephen Webster has joined creative forces with Habib Jewels, Malaysia’s premier homegrown jeweller, to produce the Dynamite collection: their collective take on the aftermath of the digital Big Bang theory. Executed in 18-karat gold, diamond, and enamel, it offers a glimpse of a nucleus frozen it time as it expands outward.

Pieces such as the Dynamite Enamel Shattered Bracelet (RM189,385) find new symmetry in asymmetry through strong geometric lines, while the Dynamite Cascade Enamel Necklace (RM118,170) references the fragmented nature of postmodern architecture.

Take a look at the Stephen Webster X Habib Jewels Dynamite Collection in this gallery


Habib Jewels

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