An Amazing Pen, A Stunning Carrying Case And An Impressive Desk To Show Off Your Leadership Style

Sophistication maketh Man

When it comes to making an impression, manners help, as British spy movies continue to tell us. That, and how a dart-shooting pen is always handy. However, politeness aside, there are things you can add to improve your standing as a confident and sophisticated leader with just a soupcon of a don’t-mess-with-me air.

And here they are.

An ode to samurai tradition and legend

The Pen of the Year 2019 from Graf von Faber-Castell is deeply rooted in the spirit of the Japanese samurai. The Samurai Black Edition Pen of the Year (RM28,000) has a painted metal barrel with 24-carat gold plating, embellished in the style of traditional samurai armour. A quote from the legendary warrior Miyamoto Mushashi – ‘Cultivate both – your spirit and wisdom’ – is engraved on the PVD-coated titanium cap. Each of the 330 pieces are individually numbered.

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Pushing the Envelope

Combining architectural composition with walnut veneers, Bristol’s ‘Kanye’ collection conveys power and dynamism. Distinctive and functional, Bristol’s contemporary ‘Kanye’ collection not only highlights the company’s craftsmanship – evident in their extensive use of Mitre joinery – but also their aesthetic ideals. Natural American walnut is the wood veneer of choice to add that distinctive finish to their furniture; the results are flawlessly finished desks and tables which seem to hover if not for their slender chrome legs.

Staying true to a commitment to meet customers’ daily needs, Kanye executive desks (beginning from RM50,000) are conveniently designed to rise or descend at the touch of a button. So whether it’s a day of express meetings on one’s feet, or an extended period of seated concentration, the Kanye sit-to-stand desk accommodates instantly.

Bottle Service

Transport your finest vintages in this handsome Tyler Ellis wine carrying case. Metallic alligator skin, gunmetal hardware, and a spear-lock closure make Tyler Ellis’ Dennis wine bag (US$7,525/RM30,684) a highly respectable carry case for your most treasured wines.

The independent label, created by the daughter of American fashion designer Perry Ellis in 2011, focuses on practicality as much as it does design. That’s why you’ll find its signature ‘Thayer Blue’ satin lining on the interior of the wine bag, while a top handle, detachable cross-body strap, and an exterior wine-opener pocket ensure that you’ll never lose grip on what’s precious.

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