This Very Limited-Edition Lady Dior Bag Has Arrived In Kuala Lumpur, And You Must See It

Dior Starhill in Bukit Bintang is once again chosen to carry the world limited-edition Dior Lady Art in conjunction with selected boutiques globally. This year, the fourth edition of this global movement sees 11 artists chosen to turn the iconic Lady Dior collection into artworks, including Eduardo Terrazas, an architect and key figure in the Mexican contemporary art scene.

Terrazas contribution to the exhibition examines the relationship between geometry, architecture, design, museology, urban planning and art, creating truly unique pieces. His interpretations displays geometric patterns that represent three versions of his series Possibilities Of Structure – Subseries Cosmos, embroidered with painted wood inlay embellishments and adorned with two-tone black and white or brightly coloured calfskin. With these creations, the architect and couturier conveys a graphic and united version of the world that comes to life through embossing techniques produced under high frequency.

Dior Lady Art began in 2016 to give artists the opportunity to interpret and re-envision the possibilities of the Lady Dior, pushing the limits of the maison’s savoir-faire. Everything from the bag’s fabric, size, colour, jewellery, handles, stitching and charms can be adjusted to an artist’s specifications, giving the creator free reign of expression.

The Lady Dior is instantly recognisable in the world of fashion, born in 1995 out of the maison’s inspiration for haute couture and made famous the following year thanks to Princess Diana taking an immediate liking to it during a Paris trip. Its signature cannage stitching, padded leather cushions, mirrored facets and charms are an seen as a symbol of feminine elegance.


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