Aesop’s Fragrance Trilogy Othertopias Adds A Little Summer Magic To Your Day

Step into nature with Aesop’s latest scent trilogy this summer. Created by long-time fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion, Othertopias features an entrancing, warm array of ingredients – imbuing a sense of wonder and grounding. Fillion explained that the collection was conceived to recreate ‘a phenomenon that blurs the boundaries of past and present, real and unreal, here and there.’

Named Miraceti, Karst and Erémia, these scents from the Otheropias collection are inspired by the boat, shore and wasteland respectively, bridging nature and a state of reverie. The collection, like most of the Australian luxury skincare brand, is curated for those seeking complex, layered and unique aromas that are not specific to gender boundaries.


Rich with spice and warmth, Miraceti adds to the Othertopias collection by paying homage to the serenity and turbulence of the sea. Labdanum is the key ingredient in this fragrance. Its old, ocean-worn wood creates a faint musk similar to that of a cosy cabin in the woods. The scent also features a soothing breeze of incense and seaweed, rounded out with a warm and woody blend of Ambrette and Styra, for a more nuanced feel.


Karst is perfume redolent of the seashore and Mediterranean flora filled with warm spice, dry woody notes and a subtle smokiness. Its subtle mineral notes and fresh spices are paired with an understated combination of aromatics. Cumin and Sandalwood mimic the fresh breeze of the ocean waves rolling onto shore, transporting you to the beachside with a single spritz.


Presenting an exciting contrast of waxy florals and earthy undertones, Erémia is a vibrant, rejuvenating scent reminiscent of the calm air after the rain. The fragrance’s dreamy blend of Galbanum, Iris and Yuzu, showcases bright, citrus tones and earthy roots. 

Each Eau de Parfum from the Othertopias collection is packaged in an elegant 50 ml amber glass bottle encased in a sleek carton featuring artwork unique to each fragrance, designed by Belfast-based painter Jack Coulter. All the fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free, as is with the rest of Aesop’s products, and are available from 5 July.



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