Rimowa’s New One Bottle Case Protects Your Champagne Wherever You Go

Rimowa’s newest product was created for your next big night on the town. The German luggage manufacturer has just unveiled a new design called the One Bottle Case, which was specifically manufactured to hold and protect a single bottle of champagne. The purpose-built accessory has everything you need to transport your favourite bubbly to its destination unscathed.

Open it up and you’ll find a padded compartment with room for a bottle of Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot or Moët & Chandon—and nothing else. The interior is lined with soft microfiber to help ensure the bottle is protected. There are also three removable cushions—each of which sport the company’s name and logo—which not only help pad the compartment but also insulate the champagne so that it stays cool for hours at a time. (You can, of course, leave them at home to make more room if your bottle doesn’t quite fit inside.)

Beyond its small shape, the One Bottle case is built just like any other piece of Rimowa’s collection of high-end suitcases. It features the brand’s trademark “rilled” aluminium exterior. It also has a US TSA-approved lock—triggered by either a key or combination—and a leather handle which the brand promises gives the 4.4-pound case a “tactile note of luxury.”

All that protection comes at a price—and a steep one at that. Although you can’t purchase the case just yet, it will soon be available through the brand’s website for US$1,720 (about RM7,252). If you’re worried about missing out, you can register your interest with the brand now through its product page.

If you’re familiar with Rimowa’s range of products, you may have noticed that the One Bottle case costs nearly US$600 more than the brand’s iconic Classic Cabin carry-on. That may seem like quite a premium, but it’s a surefire way to let other partygoers know you take your bubbly very, very seriously.


Previously published on Robb Report.

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