Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon Light Up Is A Smartwatch That Is Truly Sophisticated

Louis Vuitton’s latest smartwatch might be its most sophisticated model yet. Recently, the French Maison is launching its new Tambour Horizon Light Up Watch, the third generation of its smartwatch offering. Each 44 mm watch has a domed screen that lights up to signal different events and notifications. It will be available in three case materials: polished stainless steel and matte black or brown steel with PVD coatings.

The new watch is powered by a custom-designed operating system, which the house claims is so sophisticated that it’s the first non-Apple OS to be certified as “made for iPhone” or MFI. (The watch is also compatible with Android and HarmonyOS devices.) You can operate its digital touch screen through a system of swipes. For example, swiping right brings up “My Day,” showcasing your agenda, step count and heart rate, as well as local weather and air quality. Swiping down shows your notifications and swiping up reveals a control panel that operates timers, alarms and music. Swipe left and you can access “My Travel,” where you’ll find boarding passes for your next flight, information about your itinerary and 30 expertly curated city guides from the Maison.

While previous smartwatches in the Tambour Horizon series only offered a crown, the Light Up edition is Louis Vuitton’s first smartwatch with push buttons on both sides of its crown to increase its functions. Rotating its crown changes the dial, while the top pusher activates the model’s face shuffle mode and configuration settings. Its bottom pusher is the model’s shortcut button and can be set to activate an application of the wearer’s choice. The interface is designed to be customisable, and the brand plans to drop additional watch face designs that reflect seasons, collaborations, significant dates and its upcoming fashion shows.

The icing on the cake is the piece offers a variety of interchangeable, colourful straps featuring the Louis Vuitton monogram—no matter which version of the watch you select. Check out the Louis Vuitton website for more details.

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