The Marin Marireis Collection Is A Local NFT Project That Introduces Children To A Global Platform

For those who have been observing the NFT market in rather blasé fashion, here’s a heart-warming collection premised around family and two rather talented kids. The Marin Marireis Collection – which is scheduled to drop on 17 February, 9am EST US (10pm Malaysian time) – is the sum of the best artworks produced by Malaysian sisters Marin Chan, 12 and Mariries Chan, 10.

Working with pens and watercolours, the duo’s collection of original hand-drawn pieces cover the gamut of their favourite subjects; anime, animals, buildings and their home city – the culturally and historically rich George Town, a quaint UNESCO World Heritage Site. On these works, the two sisters make often candid and sometime poignant observations of their subject.

These art works will be offered on OpenSea with a partial listing already available with a floor price of 0.02ETH. Beyond owning the artworks, the holder of the Marin Marireis Collection tokens will automatically become a member of the Marin Marireis Entrepreneur, Art & NFT (EAN) Club. Having this membership – limited at the moment to 211 for the number of tokens which will be minted – lets buyers access the community for support such as hand-drawing lessons for kids, participating in other kids’ projects, embarking on early entrepreneurship and unlocking future perks. More than anything, this NFT drop – at a time when there is an undeniable mania around it – is a reminder of the simplicity of owning a unique digital asset, in this case, the unedited and untampered art of a precocious talent whose earnest hand-drawn sloth picture could represent the earliest commercial works of an artistic career.

The prime mover behind these efforts to offer the two girls’ hand-drawn works in the NFT world is their father Patric Chan who has been in Internet marketing for the best part of two decades, investing in crypto projects since 2018 and the Web3 movement. For this self-made internet millionaire, the authenticity of the artworks is the start of a blossoming art career for his two daughters, whose promise has translated to over 8,000 organic likes on a single social media posting of her hand-drawn artwork. It remains to be seen if the potential will be fully realised in time to come, but if there’s one thing that the NFT world has shown, it’s that it’s never too early for young talent to start on a path of entrepreneurship, with a helping hand from mom or dad.

Marin Marireis

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