New Book ‘Louis Vuitton Manufactures’ Peeks Into The Crafting Of Stunning Luxury Goods

Have you ever found yourself wondering how Louis Vuitton’s bags or steamer trunks are made? A new book holds the answers. Very soon Assouline will publish Louis Vuitton Manufactures, a new coffee table tome that takes you into the legendary French luxury house’s ateliers. The book, which consists of both archival images and all-new original photography, lays out how the maison crafts its wares, in the process revealing the care and eye for detail that makes the products so beloved by people around the world.

Since it was founded by its namesake in Paris in 1854, few brands have had more of a hand in shaping what we now think of as luxury than Louis Vuitton. Though it initially focused on luggage, bags and accessories, the brand has expanded its scope to include ready-to-wear clothing, footwear and fragrances in recent decades. Whatever the item is, though, if it has the LV name or monogram on it you know to expect quality, thanks in no small part to the brand’s continued insistence on only working with the best artisans.

The stately hardcover, which features an introduction by journalist and historian Nicholas Foulkes, stands 10 by 17 inches and consists of 400 pages focused on the brand and its products. Its 350 full-colour illustrations take to France and abroad—including Switzerland, Italy and the US—with stunning visual detail that provides insight into how shoes, handbags, watches and more are meticulously crafted by hand.

If you’re interested in a beautifully illustrated book that won’t just inform but will also look nice on your table or a shelf, you can pre-order Louis Vuitton Manufactures now through Louis Vuitton’s website below.

This isn’t Assouline’s first monograph about the luxury house. The publisher released Louis Vuitton Windows in 2015, a weighty tome focused on the jaw-dropping store fronts found at the brand’s boutiques. That book is now out of print and regularly sells for more than US$1,000 on the secondary market, so we’d pick up a copy of Manufacture quick just to be safe.

Louis Vuitton Manufactures goes for RM450.

Louis Vuitton

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