Why The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Is Taking The Smart Tech World By Storm

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has finally hit our shelves in Malaysia. With six different configurations and significant software upgrades, the latest iteration of Samsung’s premium smartwatch and tech wearable line has certainly exceeded expectations. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro appears somewhat simple, with only two buttons on the right and nothing more. The watch comes strapped in the same two colours for a more cohesive but also expensive look and is fitted with Samsung’s standard D-buckle band for an elegant and extra secure fit. Yet, turned on, the commanding 45mm sapphire crystal dial comes to life, beaming against the sleek black, or grey, titanium casing. There are an overwhelming number of ways to customise the watch to your liking including an extensive array of watch faces from sportier dials to more formal faces alongside the more modern designs. Its size is also considerably smaller than most of the other fitness smartwatches on the market.

A more noticeable difference from the previous launch is the absence of the incredibly popular physical rotating bezel. Instead, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro offers a software-based touchscreen bezel with a raised lip around the rim to mimic the feel of a physical bezel. While fans of the original bezel design will certainly have their reservations about switching to digital, the tweak offers a much more durable smartwatch as the physical bezel is more prone to breakage in the likelihood that dust or sand is caught in it.

Samsung states that the smartwatch packs a larger battery life racking up a total of 20 hours in GPS mode, paired with a new charging cable that promises a 45 per cent boost in just 30 minutes. We found that, on a full charge, the watch lasted two full days including sleep tracking and a couple of workouts on top of daily miscellaneous tasks. The watch is also, at the end of the day, an extension of the phone and Samsung does an incredible job at maintaining razor-sharp connectivity with the Bluetooth links between the watch and its flagship mobile devices.

The watch itself does the basic everyday to-dos and then some with its multifaceted Wear OS system and an improved LTE connectivity (allowing for superior emergency call features) that other fitness watches are not generally equipped with. The menus are responsive to swift swipes and taps, apps load quickly and the Play Store’s app library is far ahead of the smartwatch competition. Everything is considered, from streaming music on Spotify or YouTube Music to Google or Samsung Pay. You can also use Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby to control smart home features. The combination of Google’s tools and Samsung’s user experience remains an incredibly powerful formula that makes the Galaxy Watch5 Pro a top choice for users in the tech wearable market.

Fitness junkies will also be pleased by how precise and accessible the tracking measures are on a compact screen. Users will also be able to access the complete health-tracking toolkit with an electrocardiogram (ECG) for blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking, snore detection and blood oxygen monitoring. Another useful new feature is the Track Back mode for hikers wanting to return to the starting point via the same route they used. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s capabilities as the watch features over a whopping 90 sports modes for diving into more specific activities.

Non-Galaxy users may not be able to fully experience the fluid Bluetooth connection and features reserved for only Samsung users. Yet, for an everyday smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes on top amidst other smartwatches on the market and has made itself a strong competitor in the health and fitness digital wearables world without looking too bulky or sporty. Its look and feel can pass off for dressier occasions and regular office meetings for the more than average gym goer or hiking enthusiast.

We are aware that this is only a brief introduction of the watch’s capabilities so be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming deep dive review into the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s extensive health features.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 Pro is now available for RM1,899.

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