Marini’s on 57 Celebrates Modesto Marini With A Very Special 10th Anniversary Menu

From its countrysides to its capital cities, from recipes handed down for generations to inventive modern fare, Italian cuisine tells the stories of its people. At Marini’s on 57, the tale spun on plates is that of The Marini’s Group founder and owner, Modesto Marini.

Take the Uova Eggs, airy scrambled eggs whipped with parmigiano foam, dolloped into eggshells and blessed with black truffle shavings. A more euphoric expression of this breakfast staple would be hard to find this side of town. Then juxtapose this with a heavily traditional carpaccio. Sure, its delivery is contemporary – thinly sliced cured wagyu beef is served with shimeji mushrooms and brightened on plate and palate with cherry tomato confit, ricotta cream and microgreens – but at its heart, it remains a classic from deep in the country, brought miles from home and into this century by Marini. “I have made it a point to promote Italy in my life and my work because it is a part of me,” he says. “I believe that food is love and my love for food has led me to where I am today.”

There’s no arguing that the Modesto Marini is a visionary with exacting standards and a willingness to take risks. A decade ago, he launched Marini’s on 57 as one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious dinner-and-drink venues. Its ticket to fame was its crow’s nest view over the sprawling city and the crowns of the Petronas Twin Towers stretching towards the skies right next door, glinting cool steel by day and glowing by night. The crowds might have come for the view, but they definitely stayed for the vibes. The best tracks, events, top-shelf labels and, of course, menus are found here.

To celebrate turning 10 this year, Marini’s on 57 presents the 10-course Founder’s Menu, an anthology of its greatest hits over the years presented with a twist. Expect the Fegato Grasso – pan-seared foie gras on toasted brioche laced with fig jam and pistachio for a mouthful of toasted, nutty, creamy and honeyed sweet flavours melded together – as well as the Cappesanthe, where earth meets the sea in plump Hokkaido scallops ringed by porcini mushroom sauce and black truffle. Savour a garden of crisp vegetables on a generous bed of feta that doubles as an ideal dip for the bread basket.

Regulars will look forward to the choice of pastas: The basil-spiked tomato-based Cappellini All’astice angel hair pasta with firm chunks of lobster or the Tagliatelle Al Tartufo, a heady medley of butter sage sauce, parmesan cream and black truffle. Seared cod dressed in a saffron caviar sauce followed, and Japanese wagyu sirloin Marble 5 with potato croquette and truffle hollandaise sauce ends the mains.

Dessert should remain a surprise as part of the full Founder’s Menu experience, priced at RM1,010+ per person. That encapsulates the Modesto Marini philosophy: an art of dining that extends beyond the table to every element at play.

In that spirit, anticipate a line-up of fantastic events throughout the month of October to fete this milestone anniversary. The agenda includes guest bartenders, a mixology competition certain to shake up the cocktail scene one weekend, and the riotous Viva Marini 10th Anniversary Party on 20 October with Grammy Award nominee Timo Maas at the DJ’s deck.

Marini’s on 57

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