Cosentino Dekton Surface Collections Imbue Elegance And Tranquillity Into Any Home

Since 1945, Cosentino has been manufacturing and supplying surfaces for homes, commercial spaces, interior design and architecture. Founded by Eduardo Martínez Cosentino and Eduarda Justo, the family-owned Spanish company’s flagship products include the Sensa, Dekton and Silestone collections, the last of which was hailed as one of the most important innovations of the 20th century by Time magazine. Never one to rest on its laurels, Cosentino continues to produce eco-friendly, sustainable and technologically advanced surfaces and recently launched two new collections within its Cosentino Dekton umbrella: Dekton Onirika and Dekton Kraftizen.

Dekton Neural from the Onirika Collection

The Dekton Onirika collection was designed by Nina Magon – an interior designer based out of Houston, Texas, but works in and has received awards from all corners of the globe – and is inspired by marble, natural stone, and unity with nature. Dekton surfaces are carbon-neutral, composed of more than 20 minerals, and very durable and versatile. The colours within the Dekton Onirika range include Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus. “With its unique beauty of stone comes its own stunning character, so we recommend applying Dekton Onirika on a quiet & elegant surrounding,” says Veanne Chong, Design Director and Founder of Luxe Interior. “Or pair it with modern elements to let the beautiful marble-effect pattern stand out from the space cohesively. It’s especially suitable for design styles such as modern classic or modern luxury to achieve a rich, luxurious and cosy living space.”

Chong and her team at Luxe Interior have been providing design solutions for both residential and commercial clients all over the world since 2015, and specialise in mid- to high-end projects. She has noticed that, though trends often change, focusing on natural materials, modern forms and clean lines has always stood the test of time – which is just one of the many reasons why they often utilise Cosentino surfaces. “Cosentino products offer a wide range of beautiful pattern selections, so it allows us to pick and match with the designs we wish to achieve,” Chong says. “Of course it is also worry-free when it comes to their product functionality, durability and sustainability.”

Dekton Neural from the Onirika Collection

Which leads us to the second collection within the Cosentino Dekton umbrella – Dekton Kraftizen, which is an homage to the expert craftspersons who have been making surfaces by hand for centuries, but this time reinterpreted and brought to the future using Cosentino’s signature innovative technologies. Kraftizen surfaces are also carbon-neutral, and possess state-of-the-art resistance and durability. Thanks to its large-format stucco material and minimalist colours – Umber, Nacre, Argentium, Micron and Albarium – interior designers and architects are able to bring a serene air of sophistication to any space, whether indoor or outdoor. “Dekton Kraftizen is especially suitable for those who like modern minimalism, mid-century, Japandi design styles,” Chong says. “This series can make the space look instantly appealing with the handcrafted look, soft and light colours, as well as create an environment free of clutter, stress and anything hard to the eyes.”

Dekton Albarium from the Kraftizen Collection

Regardless of which collection you choose for your home, office or getaway, Cosentino Dekton will be able to elevate your surfaces, walls and floors, while still providing superior build quality all with forward-thinking sustainability. “Unity is the key when it comes to designing a space,” Chong advises. “Regardless of what style you have decided on, it is crucial to stick to a theme throughout the space. That is how designers make every single decision pointing to the right design goal – to achieve a beautiful result aesthetically.”

Dekton Micron (Floor) and Nacre (Wall) from the Kraftizen Collection; Silestone White Zeus (Countertop)


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