Parisian Jeweller Korloff Opens A New Location Under The Iconic Petronas Twin Towers

For contemporary Parisian jeweller Korloff, its earliest inspiration lies in the mysterious 200-carat black diamond cut into an 88-carat brilliant. The Korloff Noir, which belonged to the Korloff-Sapojnikoff Russian noble family, was passed down across generations as a talisman, believed to have brought good luck and prosperity to its owners. Following the Russian Revolution, it arrived in Paris and caught the eye of diamond merchant Daniel Paillasseur.

From left: Danial Dashuki, Chris Neff and Datuk Syafinaz Selamat, flanked by models at the new Korloff location in Suria KLCC.

Over the past 40 years, the Korloff Noir has resided in a safe belonging to the Parisian maison and, till this day, this legendary black diamond continues to inspire the jewellery house that bears its name, as it seeks to create pieces that transcend generations, becoming the substance of legend.

In the present day, Korloff has spread its wings across the globe. The brand is found in over 40 countries, in the key territories of the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with the latter being its fastest-growing market. From Houston to Hanoi, Tokyo to Kuwait and Shanghai to Seoul, the brand continues to scintillate with a mix of materials such as gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl, crafted with savoir-faire to produce a range of lifestyle luxuries. Of course, the greatest honour is reserved for its iconic and unique KCUT diamond which possess either 73 cuts for the octagonal shape, or 88 facets for the round shape – as opposed to the standard 57-facetted diamonds that is industry standard.

The ladies’ Luna collection is a tribute to the moon through an irregular mother-of-pearl dial studded with diamonds.

Korloff, which also holds membership within the Vendome Committee where notable members include Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget and Chanel, has latterly branched into mens’ and ladies’ horology, fragrances and accessories as well. As one of a handful of independent French diamond jewellers, the maison continues to enjoy direct access to the Anvers diamond marketplace where it sources prized stones in the making of its jewellery.

Here in Malaysia, Korloff recently returned to the market with leading jewellery retailer Habib. The Malaysian-founded jewellery retailer Habib has served the market across six decades of its operations, beginning with its very first store along Penang’s ‘Jeweller’s Corner’ on Pitt Street. Today, the Habib store in Suria KLCC hosts the first and only Korloff retail location in the country – bridging 60-plus years of Habib’s local expertise with over 40 years of Korloff’s Parisian savoir-faire.

The Korloff 18k pink gold timepiece, encases a Swiss-made hand-wound mechanical movement.

At its opening, Korloff Asia Pacific Managing Director Chris Neff was present to introduce the refined and elegant collection of jewellery, noting that the brand’s modern style has also allowed it to feature in recent Korean dramas. Among the collections which one will find are the Eclat, Korlove, Let Me Out and St Peterbourg ranges. On the latter, you will discover the pop of colours that recall the life of Madame Korloff-Sapojnikov’s life – where red agates on long earrings foreshadow the sensuality of its muse. The Korlove collection marries urban rock elements with romanticism – a tribute to the Korloff lady where she is both sensual and assertive, realised through the use of electrifying black diamonds. Meanwhile, bridal diamonds from the maison’s signature K88 and K73 cuts evoke its original inspiration of the Korloff Noir – with the diamond options available to be set within engagement rings and bands as symbols of eternity.

Korloff Paris

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