The Hotly-Anticipated MoonSwatch By Swatch And Omega Has Finally Been Revealed

OK, so it’s not a Moonshine Gold-encased MoonSwatch…but that wouldn’t have made much sense would it? Omega and Swatch’s much-anticipated follow-up to its wildly popular US$260 MoonSwatch (which was going for up to US$1,200 or just over RM5,400) in the secondary market at the height of its hype last year) has landed. And while it still has a bioceramic case—a.k.a. plastic—it received a drop of Moonshine Gold as a coating on the seconds hand. The tiny touch elevated the cost to CHF 275 (approximately RM1,320 at current exchange). But, of course, its price tag in the pre-owned space will be what everyone is watching.

While no exact production number was disclosed, according to the official press release, availability will be “not enough.” You know what that means…they will be exceedingly hard to come by. The stock is made even more elusive because the new Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch can only be purchased in four locations on Tuesday, 7 March.

The Moonshine Gold coating on the seconds hand may seem lame to some, but it’s the kind of thing some collectors go crazy for, especially when the brand is already controlling the rarity of the piece. Besides, it wouldn’t have made sense for the case to be made of Moonshine Gold. The whole point of the MoonSwatch is to offer a taste of Omega at Swatch price points.

However, if you end up grabbing the Moonshine Gold Swatch second-hand then you could be paying up to four times retail if last year’s drop was any indication. Or, perhaps the addition of a hand coated in Moonshine Gold won’t move the needle. Fans are divided on the timepiece, nevertheless, we expect these will sell, at least somewhat over retail, the second time around. Time will tell.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our report on what’s happening at the drop in London.



Previously published on Robb Report.

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