Leica’s Playful Mickey Mouse Q2 Camera Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary

Disney has been creating cinematic magic for a century, and Leica wants to celebrate. The red dot has just unveiled a riff on the Leica Q2 to celebrate the animation studio’s 100th anniversary. The duo’s ties actually stretch back to the very early days of animation: Leica, then known as Leitz, supplied cameras and projectors to Disney so that the studio could create cartoon storyboards for animated films. Now it’s Disney’s turn to lend a hand.

The new Leica Q2: Disney “100 Years of Wonder” is covered with a special material reminiscent of the tracing paper on which the studio’s artists sketched scenes and characters. The classic black-and-white design features drawings and notes that famed Disney animator Don Towsley penned in 1937. The studio’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse, adorns the body, along with Towsley’s notes on how the cartoon should look onscreen. Mickey is also printed on the camera’s top plate, while a Disney logo and the edition number can be found on the rear.

Technically, the special edition is identical to the Q2 serial model. Hey, why mess with perfection? Shortly after its release, the innovative Q2 was named Best Camera in Robb Report’s Best of the Best awards in 2019. The compact camera features a 47.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, lightning-fast autofocus (0.15 seconds), an incredible 28 mm prime lens, and a high-resolution touchscreen.

The Q2 is capable of capturing gorgeous close-ups, vacation pics, and everything in between. It can also shoot 4K videos, which is great if you’re heading to, say, the Magic Kingdom. To top it off, the camera comes with a protective dust bag with matching original Disney graphics and a special rope strap to make schlepping it about theme parks a little easier.

The Q2 has been a popular choice for Leica collabs in the past; we’ve seen the camera pay homage to everything from James Bond to classic dive watches. The Disney Q2 is limited to 500 examples worldwide. It will be available globally online and at Leica stores and authorised dealers starting in April 2023, though you can pre-order the camera now. The retail price is RM30,200.


Previously published on Robb Report.

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