Roberto Coin’s Venetian Princess And Princess Flower Jewellery Collections Are An Opulent Ode To The Palaces Of Venice

Strategically headquartered in the Italian historic city of gold, Vicenza, Roberto Coin’s name has become synonymous with the timeless and stunning jewellery pieces he produces that serve to add an air of opulence to its wearer. Although his business has been manufacturing jewellery for other brands since 1977 in Vicenza, the namesake brand was only launched in 1996. Known for setting trends in the jewellery world, the renowned luxury brand is a mix of modern design techniques and centuries-old Italian craftsmanship. A distinctive mark of the brand is that each of the pieces are casted with a small ruby inside the jewel, making it a literal hidden gem.

Venetian Princess collection

Rather than being worn as accessories or as an afterthought to an outfit, Roberto Coin’s collections are instead designed so that clothes should complement his jewellery. The handcrafted Italian fine jewellery pieces ranging from the delicate to the bold serve to make each woman shine a little brighter according to their individual personalities. In the past, his discerning clientele has included Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez.

Venetian Princess

For the Venetian Princess collection, Roberto Coin drew inspiration from his birthplace of Venice, the alluring city of winding canals and beautiful bridges that conceal its own legends and secrets. Here, Venetian palaces reflected on the water that housed various noble families are a symbol of elegance of their own. The exterior design of the Venetian Princess collections masterfully incorporates a motif that is a re-interpretation of the decorations found at palaces of The Floating City. This reflects the romantic element that characterises the entire Princess family of Roberto Coin, such as the Diamond Princess and Royal Princess collections.

Presented in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, each piece serves as a regal adornment for the wearer. The brilliant blue of lapis lazuli—which was famously ground up and used by Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel—and the striking green malachite stones—which 19th century Russian royals were enamoured with—are used widely in the collection. For truly personalised pieces, opt for the Venetian Princess Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds, where diamonds forming astrological symbols are embedded in medallion pendants.

Visible only to the wearer is the complex structure of twisted threads on the inside of each jewel, reminiscent of the same mystique that has surrounded the city. The jewels have been produced in 3D to guarantee perfection and calibrated to ¼ of a millimetre in both diameter and depth, and then set by hand using a microscope.

The Venetian Princess Bangle with Black and White Diamonds, in particular, evokes a vision of the faint lights of the street lamps as they reflect off the dark waters of Venice’s canals, creating a fascinating effect that, once again, accentuates the city’s aura of mystery. To ensure maximum safety and solidity for the wearer, it has a double click safety clasp.

Princess Flower

Another addition to the creative bouquet of the Princess family is the Princess Flower collection, which similarly draws inspiration from Venetian palaces. Rather than being plucked out of a garden, the floral pieces in this collection have been shaped by the hands of skilled artisans at Roberto Coin. The focal point of each piece is the flower made of small diamonds that decorates the other Princess jewels, presented elaborately as a natural evolution of the ornamental flower in full bloom and shimmers with every movement of the wearer.

Princess Flower collection

The corolla is made of precious metals like gold, and precious stones such as black jade, turquoise and mother of pearl. Every flower in the collection goes through a special production process to give it a harmonious balance and natural appearance, to resemble the flowers they’re inspired by. Both the external part of the flower and the internal structure are created with 3D technology to guarantee the perfect proportions of the elements. Then, experienced craftsmen painstakingly assemble the jewels, one by one, flower after flower.

The Venetian Princess and Princess Flower Jewellery collections can be viewed at Roberto Coin’s boutique at The Starhill.

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