Casa Mia a Milano Is A Beacon Of Classical Milanese Architecture And Handcrafted Contemporary Furnishings

Sylvia Gallotti’s private residence, an apartment located in a 1920s mansion in Via Macheroni, is the latest embodiment of Milan’s vibrant energy and rich cultural tapestry. Casa Mia a Milano presents a space where creativity can flourish and connections forged, borne of a collaboration with prominent architectural and design firm Dainelli Studio. The result is a carefully curated metropolitan space where contemporary touches and classic sophistication form a seamless, natural partnership. 

What sets Casa Mia apart is its remarkable versatility, making it an ideal space for such diverse gatherings as dynamic networking events and brainstorming sessions. The discreetness of her apartment provides the perfect boardroom setting sans bare-walled corporate hostility and fosters an environment of quiet luxury, one where flexibility, intelligence and mutual discussion can thrive.

The apartment retains much of its early 20th-century Milanese architecture and interiors, such as the period parquet and grit floors, original decorated ceiling moldings, fine framed interior doors, and cast-iron radiators. Handcrafted, custom-made furnishings from Gallotti&Radice continue the design narrative from a new and unique, though no less refined, perspective featuring clean lines, minimalist forms and a harmonious balance between functionality and artistic expression. 

Elegance Gathered

This immersive expression starts at the entrance, where a signature Dainelli Studio canned black ash covered cabinet anchors the space and anticipates the apartment’s colour scheme. Officine Saffi sculptures add interest, with the central corridor acting as art gallery that’s emphasised by the Officine Saffi painting, wall wash lights and brass backdrop.

The large Bolle chandelier is the living room’s centrepiece, while Audrey sofas complete with matching pouf and side tables welcome guests and help pull the room together. The Brera walut bookcase is rendered in a special Lava-coloured liquid metal finish and framed by custom Gallotti and Radice boiserie. Modern antiques and artwork from Officine Saffi lift the otherwise classic space with new energy, while the LG sound box plays your favourite ambient tunes.

The dining area provides much of the corporate action once lunch is served, effectively transforming the space into a meeting room. The large Maat table does double duty, while a brass sliding curtain keeps the LG interactive whiteboard hidden until needed.

Opulence Highlighted

The kitchen, created together with Binova, showcases an L-shaped area with a large Atriostea worktop making-up part of the space. Meanwhile, the other half features a storage space with large columns that feature Signature Kitchen’s latest range of appliances including a wine cellar undercounter, French Door refrigerator, a multifunction combination steam over, and induction cooktop. Fine finishes in bronze tones to reflect the light into the room in magical chromatic effect and signed artwork by Nicolas Denino further define the space. 


A chandelier illuminates the master bedroom where Society bedding is laid out invitingly. The green marble detailing of the Gallotti&Radice custom closet echoes the 1968 coffee table top in the room. Custom, bridged cabinetry and canned wood panelling add to the architectural space, while still allowing plenty of natural light to stream into the room. A Stami writing desk and pouf, and Lilas Mosaique seat complete the room. 

For smoother continuity of space, the bathroom entry door integrates into the wall panelling. Inside, the bathroom highlights log-effect wall tiles and walls from Ceramica Bardelli’s Monoscopio collection. Light colours serve to enhance the room’s 3D effect as well as the fittings by Fantini Rubinetterie. 

The artists, entrepreneurs and corporate figures that gather at Casa Mia a Milano are also inadvertently exposed to what lies outside the apartment. The rich, historical charm of the Magenta District further encourage and inspire, providing a fitting mise-en-scène.


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