Martell Celebrates The Chinese Zodiac With Exquisite Cognac Craft

Martell‘s Chinese Zodiac editions start from an already-renowned base. L’Or de Jean Martell is the upper echelon of the maison’s core offerings, consisting of more than 700 eaux-de-vie – some of which will have been aged for more than a century, passed down through eight different cellar masters in that time. It is an exemplar of the Martell craft, built on the knowledge and tradition that could only be acquired by an institution over 300 years old.

For this year’s edition, known as Assemblage du Lapin, Martell Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud elected to enrich the blend with eight vintages from past Years of the Rabbit. The Borderies, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois crus are all represented, combining L’Or de Jean Martell’s ever-present elegance and richness with something softer, lasting, and with great finesse – characteristics associated with the Rabbit. Delicate white flowers tease the nose, along with a hint of honey. The palate gives way to a vivacious blend of red and black fruits. This cognac, a special edition that will only be available in limited quantities in Malaysia, is presented in an exquisitely decorated crystal carafe with gold filigree motif. It is capped by a coloured crystal stopper, which was manufactured by the world-renowned French crystal artisans Cristallerie Daum. It is accompanied by a wooden presentation box that swings open to reveal a mirror backdrop and has a dedicated display stand for the stopper.

This is Martell’s second Chinese Zodiac edition. Its first outing was the year before, celebrating the Year of the Tiger. As with the Rabbit edition, Assemblage du Tigre adds eight vintages to L’Or de Jean Martell – this time from the crus of Borderies, Petite Champagne, and Grande Champage. In keeping with its animal spirit, the resulting blend is even more intense and vivid, with an especially long finish of red fruit and wood. It is presented in similar fashion, with its own tiger-sculpted crystal stopper.

The Martell Chinese Zodiac edition will be available in Malaysia in very limited quantities of 30. To find out more, please visit Martell‘s website or email


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