Samsung’s OLED S95C Television Has Superpowers To Scale Content To 4K

The 2023 version of Samsung’s OLED S95C is the stuff of dreams for those who enjoy their home entertainment. To start, its Infinity One Design gives it a super sleek profile appearing almost like a spire when viewed from the side. This allows the screen to stylishly integrate into your space. And because it’s so thin, you only need to slide one cable into the television, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look; almost like an art piece on the wall. A choice of shorter and longer cables means that the television can be mounted or situated in your most ideal location, so it’s a case of the television being a part of the interior design rather than the usual feeling of the house surrounding the television. 

In Robb Report Malaysia’s review of the S95C, the Samsung OLED outperforms other OLEDs in the market with its ability to achieve 100 per cent colour volume thanks to its Quantum Dot technology – the layer of nanoparticles researched and developed by Samsung to reveal a phenomenal range, depth and accuracy of colours. What this means for the viewer is very clear and bright images, especially when you’re watching the latest blockbusters in a dark room, pulling you into the action. 

The most important aspect of the S95C lies in its Neural Quantum Processor 4K, where the embedded AI works intelligently to offer 4K upscaling, enhancing depth, boosting brightness and integrating ‘perceptional’ colour mapping. A simple experiment of putting on Netflix shows on 1080p shows how the processor does its job exceptionally well – upscaling from the existing HD content to offer the 4K experience, something which the S95C does seamlessly throughout the show. 


To further transcend the boundaries of this visual spectacle, the Samsung OLED S95C has worked with picture quality experts to offer professional calibration features – even letting you toggle through the calibration presets using your phone. This makes it easy for you to go into full film buff mode, setting the stage for high colour accuracy and vibrant images to fully appreciate films like Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. A high frame rate also adds to the feeling of being in a cinema, giving shows that super immersive and filmic quality. An additional feather in the S95C’s cap are that its picture output are Pantone validated, in which only Samsung screens can claim to have authentic colour validation by the global colour authority. 

With Samsung’s SmartHub, you then discover all the apps you require to get going; HBO, Netflix, Disney+ and all of the famous and current movies, TV shows and games all in one place. The SmartGub control works intuitively, and even offers voice search capabilities. Its software also includes easy connections to airplay while the FreeSync Premium Pro and motion accelerator shifts into a higher frame rate to comfortably respond to HDR gaming. 


For sound, the Dolby Atmos channel speakers on the top, left and right of the television, coupled with round circle subwoofers at the bottom recreates the surround system, What you will get with the on-board speakers is the sensation of machine gun fire coming from the left, or even a whisper from the right, a clear sign of the next-level Dolby Atmos in operation on the Samsung OLED S95C, although, the experience becomes even better with the addition of the Q soundbar, which we’ll delve into in our next review.


Photos: Joshua Chay / The Spacemen

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