5 Stylish Green Furnishings That’ll Bring a Touch of Nature Into Your Home

While full-on Crayola-like green conjures less than complimentary connotations—green with envy; green around the gills; the grass is always greener—take the hue down a notch by mixing in some grey or black and the colour yields a whole different experience. Deep-green hues evoke nature in a more meditative manner. Such elements feel nearly spiritual; think of jade, pines, and seaweed. Green is the color of the outdoors and it nurtures the soul. So, pull deep green furnishings and decor into your home.

One might baulk at the thought of a green dresser, but Acerbis’s Storet subtly teases colour out of a rich walnut. Think of it as a functional fern in the corner of your bedroom. Astreus Clarke’s Roebling lamp is a minimalist and earthy green marble alternative to a banker’s lamp with a lollipop-green glass shade. And, it looks as home in a library as on a nightstand. Sara Hayat’s Bevel sofa is a statement piece around which one builds a room; luscious green velvet upholstery is much more inviting than grey. Dive into deep green; we consider it a timeless neutral.

Storet, Acerbis

The Storet is no deep, roomy workhorse of a dresser. Instead, it’s a sculptural, 10-drawer chest for wisps of lace, silk pocket squares, and your most precious cashmere scarves. Nanda Vigo, an accomplished Milanese artist, designer, and architect, created the piece for Acerbis back in 1994, and the 150-plus-year-old Italian furniture firm recently updated the cabinet’s wood surface. That said, its defining feature is the glossy, lacquered horizontal mouldings, which come in a dozen colours both serious and playful, including dark green. US$19,173 (approximately RM89,816)

Bevel, Sara Hayat

Hailing from a furniture family with a 150-year history, Pakistan-born, Denver-based designer Sara Hayat scoured industry sources near and far to find a fill that would give the Bevel a bit of bounce while ensuring its cushions would retain its pebble-like shape. Indeed, each velvet-upholstered seat cradles a person perfectly. As it should: It takes the team about a month to hand-stitch this low-slung belted beauty, taking green furnishings to a whole new level. US$28,495 (approximately RM133,485)

Solid Steel, Minotti

Rodolfo Dordoni, the celebrated architect, designer, and artistic director of Minotti who passed away in August, played with the idea of balance in the Solid Steel coffee table, despite the heavy-metal inference of its moniker. Party-ready glossy and mirrored finishes belie the architectural geometry of the streamlined, staggered slabs, giving green furnishings a whole new meaning. Even with its fashion-forward feel (or backwards: the materials reference 1970s glamour), it evokes an unflinchingly Bauhaus sensibility. Price upon request

Roebling, Astraeus Clarke

Jacob and Chelsie Starley of the Brooklyn-based indie studio Astraeus Clarke found inspiration in N.Y.C. The Roebling table lamp takes its form, albeit loosely, from the Brooklyn Bridge and its name from the bridge’s engineers, John A. Roebling and his wife, Emma. The lamp’s deep-green marble pillars support a gable-shaped top that hides the light source. But there’s a twist: That top segment pivots 360 degrees, allowing the user to direct illumination as needed. US$12,500 (approximately RM58,556)

Duo, New Ravenna

Melding Moorish flavour inspired by his travels to Portugal, Spain, and Morocco with classic Roman symmetry, interior designer Paul Schatz put forth nine tile designs in his Counterpoint Collection for New Ravenna. Duo, a waterjet mosaic, features boxy, mustard-toned cross-stitches that punctuate a large, dark grid over elegant marble with green veining. The coastal Virginia–based company replicates the texture of stone that has been well-worn by salt air, ensuring your kitchen, bath, or patio looks suitably lived-in. US$229 (approximately RM1,073) per square foot 

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