Road Tripping To Kuantan With Ferrari Owners’ Club Malaysia

On a beautiful Sunday morning, at Top G Coffee & Café in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, a fleet of Ferraris arrived for breakfast, signalling the start of the Ferrari Owners’ Club Malaysia drive to Kuantan. Here the members were briefed on the route heading eastwards to the beautiful beaches of Kuantan, wending through the Titiwangsa mountain range and arriving on the east coast.

Breakfast stop at Top G Coffee & Café in Publika.

A seafood lunch at Pak Su offered a calming view of the sea, plenty of fresh breezes and the establishment’s customary fresh ingredients including their specialty stuffed crabs. From here, the next stop would be Puteh Beach Bar which lauds itself as Malaysia’s ‘top beach bar’.  A quick refreshment break and the convoy would motor off again, making their way to Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, a perennial favourite for its ideal location along one of the choicest strips of sand on the East Coast.

Enjoying the sea breeze and brilliant sunshine at Puteh Beach Bar.

Checking in, the FOCM members then headed out to catch the last golden rays of the sun with Chandon Spritz aperitifs, made with natural extracts of orange peels, herbs and spices. This summery aperitif, crafted with rose sparkling wine, dovetailed perfectly with the idyllic beachside mood. A surf and turf buffet dinner would then be accompanied by an energetic dance performance, as well as the award-winning crisp white of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

Chandon Garden Spritz aperitifs to whet the appetite.

The next day dawned and saw the fleet of Ferraris head off once again, this time bound for the foothills of Raub where the choicest durians are found. At Forest One Valley Resort, the FOCM members enjoyed strolls around the bucolic property before proceeding to feast on the ‘King of Fruits’, an assortment of species from trees in the vicinity. With that, and their appetites sated, they bid each other a fond farewell and headed back home, with stomachs full and memories of a weekend spent in the delightful company of fellow Ferraristi.

Ferrari Owners’ Club Malaysia

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