This Week In Luxury: Walk Japan’s Immersive Walking Tour, Australia’s Exhilarating Jetcar, and more.

In our weekly series, we bring you the latest in luxury news from around the world. This week’s highlights: Walk Japan’s brand new tour features the Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery, Jetcar Australia launches an exhilarating jetcar experience, and more.

Walk Japan’s Brand New Tour Features The Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery

The leading adventure travel company in Japan, Walk Japan, launches an immersive walking tour—Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery. The fully guided, seven-day tour will offer guests the opportunity to explore two of Japan’s most beautiful but remotest prefectures of western Shikoku. Shikoku has been considered a sacred island for more than a thousand years and is famed for its 1,200 kilometre 88-temple Ohenro pilgrimage. The theme of pilgrimage extends with visits to the exquisite Chikurin-ji, the 31st Ohenro temple and a little-known 12-kilometre mini-pilgrimage set in a rustic valley. Other highlights include visits to Yusuhara, Ozu, and Matsuyama’s Dogo Onsen.

Walk Japan

Jetcar Australia Launches An Exhilarating Experience

Hit the Gold Coast waterways in a luxury sports-designed water-propelled jetcar with Jetcar Australia. The need for speed across the ocean is sure to make for an adrenalin-pumping experience. With up to 11 jetcars to pick from, from bright green to fuchsia pink, this is one aquatic experience you wouldn’t want to miss in your Gold Coast itinerary. Perfect for families, friends and couples who are looking to explore Australia in a thrilling and unique way, the jetcar experience is now open for bookings.

Jetcar Australia

Suen Launches A New Range Of Coloured Gemstone Jewellery

Malaysian fine jewellery brand Suen presents the Symphony of Colours, a collection that orchestrates a crescendo of 15 coloured gemstone pendants and rare gemstone jewellery in a sonnet of emotive expression for the contemporary muse. Among the kaleidoscope of hues showcased are pink tourmaline, peridot, moonstone, and an extensive range of fancy sapphires. Notably, the centrepiece of this collection is the imperial jadeite pendant––a modern reinterpretation of the classic jade pendant.


Fendi Collaborates With Stefano Pilati In Its Latest Winter Collection

The Friends of Fendi initiative, spearheaded by Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini, comprises a series of projects and collaborations that underscore the value of genuine friendships. Curated in partnership with Stefano Pilati, the Fendi Winter 2023/2024 collection explores both women’s and men’s fashion in a character-driven and iconoclastic approach. Drawing inspiration from the 1920s, Pilati reimagines the concept of ‘the flapper’ in contemporary times through clothing and casting choices. The collection embraces duality, evident in hybridised garments, accessories, and clothing combinations. The construction of masculine aesthetics is juxtaposed with the feminine linear curve, particularly noticeable in tailoring that features a softer and more voluminous structure. Traditional construction methods are experimented with throughout this collection, showcasing Pilati’s expertise in cut and composition for both men and women.


Minotti Horizonte Wins The Plan Award 2023

Minotti’s Horizonte modular seating system was recently crowned the winner of THE PLAN Award 2023—an annual international prize that recognises excellence in architecture, interior design and urban planning—in the Industrial Design category. The Horizonte was designed by Marcio Kogan/studio mk27 that takes shape from a suspended base thanks to a recessed plinth base, which gives it that floating island illusion. Using innovative technology that uses pocketed springs in variable-density polyurethanes, the Horizonte boasts unprecedented softness. Its appearance, though simple, gives rise to a sophisticated style code that can be used in a wide range of configurations. The Horizonte family also consists of coffee tables and a side table that reflect the same style that, when placed together, creates a narrative of harmony.


Giorgio Armani Introduces The New La Prima Soft Bag

Giorgio Armani’s La Prima Soft bag represents a contemporary interpretation of the original La Prima, illustrating a polished deconstructive aesthetic while preserving the brand’s signature elements and silhouette. Crafted from the finest quality leathers, the bag undergoes a lightened process reminiscent of a jacket. Despite this evolution, it retains a minimal and functional interior with leather pockets. This new model introduces a shaped, rounded handle created using ancient leatherworking techniques. The back of the handle is adorned with a long stitch in thick thread, providing stability when worn on the shoulder. Similar to the original La Prima, the soft model boasts a distinctive metal loop but is further enhanced with two side clips, allowing the addition of a longer shoulder strap for versatile wear on any occasion. The back of the bag is complemented by an external pocket.

Giorgio Armani

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