Introducing Neit, A New Brand Of Irish Whiskey That You Should Try As Soon As You Can

Neit, named for the Irish god of war, is an up-and-coming Irish whiskey brand that is seeking to recapture the spirit’s glory days. Combining small batch artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary style and panache, it aims to address the noticeable absence in premium Irish whiskey options in restaurants and bars.

Created in Dublin and distilled in specially designed nano-copper pot stills before being aged in oak casks, Neit has three expressions at launch, all concocted with testing by and feedback from experts, connoisseurs, and mixologists. They are led by Madeira Mystery, a single malt, single cask whiskey that is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 14 years before being finished in a Madeira hogshead for a further 18 months. The first of Neit’s seasonal limited-edition drops with just 399 bottles planned, it has a well-rounded honey-led profile and a warm, spicy finish.

There is also Mellow Spice, a 12-year-old single grain aged in an ex-bourbon barrel for 10 years and finished in a Moscatel cask for an additional two, as well as the no-age-statement blended whiskey called Toffee Dream. All three are non-chill filtered and have no added colouring, with Madeira Mystery and Mellow Spice bottled at 46 per cent ABV and Toffee Dream at 43 per cent.

Delivered in elegant bottles of contemporary design, Neit is a brand that intends to go beyond just the product and will be tapping into the modern luxury zeitgeist. Exclusive events and collaborations with lifestyle worlds such as fashion, art and gastronomy are all on the cards and will be revealed as Neit’s global launch proceeds. The Asian launch, which is planned for early 2024, will be led by Singapore.


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