Angel’s Envy Just Dropped A Trio Of Its Most Collectible Bourbons In One Set

Special whiskey releases can be difficult to find (and expensive when you do), particularly ones that come out just once a year. Such is the case with the Cellar Collection releases from Angel’s Envy, but now the Kentucky distillery has packaged three of these collectable bottles into a set that you can buy now.

Angel’s Envy, located in Louisville, is known for its cask-finished whiskey. The core expression is a bourbon that is given a lengthy secondary maturation in ruby port barrels and has become a whiskey fan favourite over the past decade. There are also some excellent special releases that come out each year, including the annual cask-strength version of the bourbon (and now the rye as well) and the Cellar Collection whiskeys. This series launched in 2019 and includes four expressions so far, although just three of these are included in this new set. “The Cellar Collection Series provides a tasting experience by comparing and contrasting the fortified wine finishes of these special whiskeys side-by-side,” said master distiller Owen Martin in a statement. “Limited in nature, our first three Cellar Collections eluded many fans—the Cellar Collection Series is a second chance to savour them for the first time.”

The three bourbons included, which come in smaller 375-ml bottles, are as follows: a bourbon finished in Oloroso sherry casks bottled at 100 proof with notes of raisin and hazelnut; a bourbon finished in tawny port barrels (as opposed to the ruby port used for the core expression) bottled at 111.6 proof with notes of black pepper, cinnamon, and dark chocolate; and a bourbon finished in Madeira casks bottled at 100 proof with notes of smoke, leather, and dried cherries. The fourth Cellar Collection expression, an ice cider cask-finished bourbon, is not included in the set.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Angel’s Envy is also offering a chance to get a personalized greeting card via its website, as well as at a few pop-up locations in New York City if you happen to be travelling. You can also get a bottle engraved. The 8,000 Cellar Collection Series sets are now available to purchase (SRP RM1,900).

Angel’s Envy

Previously published on Robb Report USA

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