Artist H.H. Lim’s The Gaze Of Sleepwalkers Exhibition Is A Cerebral Exploration Of Humanity And Ecosystem

Since the late 1970s, Malaysian artist H.H. Lim has split his time between Rome and Penang Island, while founding a well-regarded art space in 1990 in the bustling city of Rome known as Edicola Notte. Lim’s diverse artistic practice spans painting, video, installation and performance, actively embodying the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures. Cerebrally driven, Lim delves into the fleeting nature of relevance in his artworks, blending elements of subliminal stimuli, allegory, memory and verbal expression.

The Enter the Parallel World (left) and Code 97XZ artwork.

Now, Lim has made a comeback after a decade with his second solo exhibition at Wei-Ling Gallery, entitled The Gaze Of Sleepwalkers. In this compilation of 13 paintings and installation pieces, Lim portrays a correlation between the human existence and our evolving ecosystem. Within their sheltered domains, wild animals take on the role as observers, casting a contemplative gaze upon the current state of humanity. The narrative unravels the dichotomy between those observing and those being observed, exposing our collective position as oblivious ‘sleepwalking’ participants in a world characterised by chaos and anarchy.

The Code 5879 artwork

Lim articulates this connection, expressing: “The lengthiest journey in my life unfolds through the daily and yearly trek between my residence and the studio. It’s a recurring expedition resembling that of a carefree sleepwalker, tiptoeing through a precarious route. Each path is never the same, both visually and emotionally, particularly in the nuances of the path entrusted solely to the senses, with an absent mind. What an emotional sensation to feel disoriented in my own world!”

The Gold – Installation exhibition

Lim’s exhibition reveals a profound reality in which humanity is still entangled in primal instincts, pursuing momentary aspirations of wealth and dominance, despite the progress in technology. The symbolism intricately woven into each artwork tactfully touches on socio-political topics, particularly the prevalent sway of materialism and its impact on our moral compass. A repeating theme in the form of a money sack serves as a commentary on societal values—the subtle inclusion in his pieces suggests an intrinsic imbalance between abundance and necessity, urging viewers to reflect on the constant need for resources in a world marked by growing disparities.

The Gaze Of Sleepwalkers exhibition is currently showing at Wei-Ling Gallery until 30 March 2024.

Wei-Ling Gallery

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