Estée Lauder Unveils A New Era In Skincare With Its Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection

Estée Lauder has recently revealed its Skin Longevity platform, drawing from 15 years of expertise in pioneering skin longevity research. The brand has introduced a longevity expert collective, spanning various disciplines in which Estée Lauder is aiming to actively educate and embolden consumers to reconsider their approach to skincare and lifestyle, shifting the conversation from anti-aging to visible age reversal.

For nearly two decades, Estée Lauder has delved into the study of sirtuins’ role in skin, securing them 29 patents worldwide and presenting at more than 20 scientific conferences. Sirtuins act as our skin’s natural longevity proteins, forming a youth network within the tissue. However, over time, these proteins ‘go dark’. With this breakthrough, it led the brand to develop the SIRTIVITY-LPTM technology.

This patented apparatus functions like flipping a switch, actively ‘turning on’ the longevity protein network by targeting multiple sirtuins. As SIRTIVITY-LPTM kicks into action, it reactivates skin cell renewal and recovery, with collagen levels surging in two hours and an increase of more than 174 per cent in three days. Elastin and fibrillin are strengthened, while spot-forming melanin sees a reduction of 43 per cent in just one week.

With this new revelation, Estée Lauder has launched the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection—all driven by its age-reversal application and black diamond truffle extract. The collection includes the all-new Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Brilliance Soft Crème, which initiates active skin restoration in 14 days; The Brilliance Serum with incorporated Vitamin C; The Transformative Eye Serum, which addresses puffiness, dark circles and lines; The Transformative Energy Eye Crème, which provides hydration and firmness to the eye area; The Sculpted Transformation Crème, which improves facial facets and enhances elasticity; The Transformative Energy Creme Rich, which nourishes deeply; The Ultimate Diamond Revitalising Mask Noir and The Ultimate Diamond Transformative Ritual, which offer spa-inspired treatments that purifies the skin; and The Facial Massager, which is crafted from a cooling golden alloy. All Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond and eye formulas are dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested.

The Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Collection is now available at Estée Lauder locations nationwide, online, and at major international airports.

Estée Lauder

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