The New Hermès Store In The Gardens Mall KL Celebrates Wayang Kulit And Malaysian Craftsmanship

Take a walk along the ground floor of The Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur, and you may notice wayang kulit in the window display of Hermès’ renovated and expanded store. The scenes depicted in the elevated renditions of hand-made puppets are contemporary takes on the Spirit of the Faubourg, so intertwined in the heart of soul of the brand.

The new store design was led by architecture agency RDAI in Paris, and features locally inspired and sourced touches. For instance, there is a façade made of bamboo and cane, intricately put together in an homage to Malaysian traditional weaving crafts and kampung interiors. The warm tones of wood are also felt everywhere throughout the store, from the flooring and partitions to the shelves and display areas. Of course, Hermès hallmarks are prevalent—from the Grecques lighting to the Faubourg mosaic, which has been rendered in multiple shades in bamboo marquetry. And if one looks intently enough, they may spot pixelated batik print in the vibrant carpets.

The decor, infused with so many Malaysian elements, is further augmented with illustrations, painted canvases and etchings from the Émile Hermès collection. These include paintings by French artist Paul Fleury, works by French photographer Thierry Ardouin, and carré prints by Polish illustrator Jan Bajtlik.

Guests will be welcomed by the universe of silk offerings when entering the store’s main entrance. To its left is the all-new perfume and beauty area, while jewellery and accessories are on its right. Just behind that is another new area of the store for homeware collections and other Hermès goods that will enliven any living space. Meanwhile, the store’s central lounge features the leather collections and equestrian products that have made Hermès iconic since 1837, while a dedicated space just to its side is for its multitude of timepieces for men and women. Private rooms are also available in the store, for those who’d prefer a more intimate shopping experience. Finally, one comes to the extended store space featuring ready-to-wear for men and women as well as two tastefully appointed fitting rooms.

From the waves of natural light to the inviting ombres utilised in every facet of the store, the new Hermès boutique is a wonderful way to discover its artisanal creations, innovations, heritage and exceptional craftsmanship of its 16 métiers of the family-owned, passionately independent brand—all while appreciating Malaysian arts and culture in a new light.


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