Gran Meliá Nha Trang Is A Life-Well-Lived Oasis Along Vietnam’s Pristine Coastline

Since its founding in 1956 in Mallorca, Spain, Meliá Hotels International has been actively managing more than 380 hotels across more than 40 countries. Operating under various brands such as Gran Meliá, the company oversees a diverse pool of affiliated hotels within the ‘Affiliated by Melia’ network and has adeptly expanded into the burgeoning leisure-inspired urban market. In achieving the Silver Class recognition as affirmed by the recent S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, the group has earned the title of the most sustainable hotel company in Spain and Europe.

Gran Ocean Suite Terrace View.

Bearing the distinction of being the foremost Spanish luxury hotel brand, Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts has graced some of the world’s most breathtaking landmarks—blending visually-forward architectures with the affluence of Spanish culture. Presently, the brand boasts 19 premises worldwide, with ongoing efforts to further expand its global footprint. In continuation of these pursuits, they have now found its place along Vietnam’s pristine coastline, with the first Gran Meliá property in the coveted oceanfront destination of Nha Trang. With an approximate 55-minute drive from Cam Ranh’s International Airport, this secluded private bay stands as an upscale sanctuary against the backdrop of the Fairy Mountain peaks and the expansive sea stretching before it. The resort is rooted in ‘A Life Well-Lived’ concept and has adroitly permeated this ethos into every facet of the estate.

Gran Ocean First Floor Living Room.

The newly established site comprises 94 spacious private pool villas; Asia’s inaugural outpost of the highly acclaimed Spanish restaurant Hispania, alongside four other culinary venues—Shibui, Natura, Theia, Sal pool bar; as well as wellness amenities ranging from an onsen to a spa. The contemporary villas embody a sleek and minimalist design, with interiors crafted from European brands and subtle references to the surrounding environment. For instance, the Ocean Front Villa’s dining room walls are decked with a mosaic of dark sea blue stones, mimicking the rhythmic waves of the ocean. In the Gran Ocean Villas, a neutral colour palette inspired by the sandy shores of Nha Trang creates an ambiance of tranquillity, boasting four bedrooms, high ceilings, and an unobstructed sea view. The two-story Deluxe Villas come with three bedrooms, a rooftop terrace, a separate living and dining area, and a private pool. Meanwhile, the Beachfront Villas boast four bedrooms, lounge and dining areas, private terraces, and a plunge pool.

Hispania Restaurant Nha Trang.

Helmed by chef Danny Yong, Shibui offers a curated Japanese dining experience. With more than two decades of expertise honed under the guidance of chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, Yong’s contemporary menu focuses on kaiseki cuisine—bringing forth artistic sushi presentations and grilling finesse at the teppanyaki counter. The restaurant’s tone reflects Japan’s penchant for simplicity, evident in its understated decor and soft lighting. Meanwhile, Natura showcases the richness of the natural world by blending Vietnamese specialties and Mediterranean dishes, emphasising the freshest seasonal cuisine by incorporating locally sourced ingredients from farmers and fishermen.

Shibui, Japanese Restaurant.

Theia is a lobby bar that took its name from the Greek goddess of sight and lights, capturing ample natural light along with panoramic ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Coffee enthusiasts can indulge in Theia’s coffee mixology, which creatively subsumes Vietnam’s own coffee culture into their offerings. In the evening, patrons can enjoy a selection of drinks alongside caviar and oysters. On the other hand, the laid-back Sal pool bar provides a relaxed setting for guests to enjoy refreshing cocktails and light bites beneath the sunshine and tropical breeze. This space is designed for guests to unwind and to spend their leisurely hours.

Theia, Lobby Bar.

Adding another culinary touch to the coastal charm of Nha Trang is Hispania, the most sought-after Spanish restaurant these days. Led by chef Marcos Morán and spurred by the prospering Hispania outlets around Europe, this venture in Asia brings Spanish cuisine to life with Vietnam’s finest produce. Solidifying its status, Gran Meliá Nha Trang recently organised an ‘Una Cita At Hispania’ launch event, presenting a multi-course meal crafted by some of Spain’s leading chefs along with live music, and an unexpected performance by the nearby Do Theatre troupe. Morán represents the fifth generation in a lineage of chefs and has earned multiple accolades throughout his career. Today, he leads Asturian restaurant Casa Gerardo and Hispania’s two other locations. “Vietnam holds a unique charm with its extensive coastline, and the seafood here is exceptional,” Morán says. “High-quality products are of utmost importance to us, and so is the overall environment. The location, the people and the cultural depth of the country all play a pivotal role in our decision-making process.”

Croquetas de Jambon Iberico, at Hispania Restaurant.

Morán was joined by his right-hand man Adrián Mancheño from Hispania Brussels, Pepe Solla from Casa Solla, and Begoña Rodrigo from La Salita. The occasion featured an ensemble of dishes, such as red mullet fritters, Berlina of egg and eel, tiara of pickled and salted tuna, and barramundi rice, along with other specialities from Hispania London and Brussels. “For us at Hispania, it’s crucial to showcase the best of our Spanish cuisine. We take pride in incorporating globally acclaimed products from Spain, including premium meats and olive oil,” Morán explains. “Besides that, we also strive to bring in some of the local components, like sea urchin, lobster, and vegetables attained here in Nha Trang.”

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