The Eighth Edition Of Italian Design Day Brought Italian Excellence To Malaysia

The Embassy of Italy in Malaysia and the Italian Trade Agency recently hosted the eighth edition of Italian Design Day (IDD) at the residence of the Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, His Excellency Massimo Rustico, honouring innovation and sustainability that epitomise the emblematic design doctrines of ‘Made in Italy’. Five prominent Italian brands such as Ferrari, Barista Attitude, iXOOST, Riva from the Ferretti Group and Fope all came together for this lively celebration.

Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, His Excellency Massimo Rustico.

Dedicated to promoting bilateral trade and investment, the Italian Trade Agency’s main objective is to foster collaboration and reinforce economic ties. This association plays a crucial role in catalysing business opportunities and the ethos of Italian excellence across various sectors including design, fashion, food and beverage, and automotive industries. “While Italian brands infuse innovation into every aspect of their design process, they also come with a sense of taste and calibre into the daily lives of Malaysians,” Rustico says.

Host & Presenter Gabriella Robinson.

During this year’s IDD, attendees had the opportunity to pry deeper into the craftsmanship, technological advancements, and eco-friendly practices that have solidified Italian products as global symbols of luxury, facilitated through virtual presentations by representatives of each brand. Anchored by host and presenter Gabriella Robinson in Rustico’s expansive backyard, attendees were presented with a mix of testimonials from key speakers regarding industry advancements and ethical initiatives. Whether through upcycling materials or integrating low-energy technologies, these endeavours aim to highlight the eco-conscious practices throughout their manufacturing processes, steps taken to reduce the environmental impact, and how they’re looking to foster a more viable future.

Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, His Excellency Massimo Rustico.

Ferrari’s chief design officer Flavio Manzoni illustrated the event’s theme by underlining the rich heritage and dedication behind its driving pleasure, and their commitment to preserving Enzo Ferrari’s legacy. iXOOST founders Giovanni and Matteo Panini shared a similar stance, expressing pride in producing luxury Bluetooth speakers that synthesise quality materials and technical competency. Both founders spotlighted their origins in Modena, where their creations are all handcrafted in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley—a region where seminal automotive brands have thrived.


Meanwhile, Ferretti Group’s head of investor relations and sustainability Margherita Sacerdoti reiterated the weight and value of Italian craftmanship and utilising progressive tools. This was particularly evident in their conscientious yachting approach, such as the fully-electric powerboat Riva El-Iseo. In the realm of jewellery, Fope’s head of design Claudia Piaserico centred her delivery in offering versatile yet comfortable pieces, with its aesthetic revolving around gold components that spurred the classic Fope mesh, and the incorporation of Flex’it technology. Concluding this line up was Ryoma group’s Asia manager Arnaud Dupuis as he delved into the structure and engineering of coffee machine Barista Attitude, while Asia brand ambassador Shanya Taratikundech introduced the official World Barista Championship coffee machine, Tempesta.

More photos of the Eighth Edition Of Italian Design Day event

Embassy of Italy

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