Artist Chang Fee Ming’s Creative Retreat At Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali Is A Four-Day Artistic And Spiritual Escapade

In moments when the burdens of life weigh heavily upon you, and the need to shed that weight becomes paramount, retreats often emerge as quintessential sanctuaries. These havens offer a respite from existential pressures, providing a sacred space to recalibrate and rediscover balance. With this spirit, YTL Hotels is introducing two new retreats this year at Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, focusing on the indigenous healing traditions of the region.

Baruna and Samudra Villa.

Crafted to intricately plummet into the artistic and soulful dimensions of the land, these retreats provide a journey of exploration into the cultural tapestry of Bali—devoting every element to our holistic well-being and strengthening our intimate connection with ourselves. Eminently featured is The Creativity Retreat led by Malaysian artist Chang Fee Ming, spanning four days and three nights from 20 June to 23 June 2024.

Pool view.

The retreat aims to intertwine art and spirituality by igniting creative stimulus through the raw beauty of Bali. Retreatants will go on guided tours to Balinese art centres and participate in private sessions, including sketching classes and insightful talks conducted by Fee Ming. During sunny afternoons, retreatants can soak up in restorative therapies to harmonise and optimise their think tank, all while gazing upon the stars as night falls. This enriching escape highlights daily dynamic yoga sessions to revitalise our energy flow; these include Mandala (circle) painting classes; traditional Balinese spa treatments thoughtfully designed to create an acquiescent space for inspiration to blossom; and discovering the hidden beauty of the village navigated by Fee Ming’s perspective.

Ready For Revival.

A self-taught artist hailing from Terengganu, Fee Ming commenced his artistic journey in the early 1980s and has evolved into one of Asia’s most notable artists, predominantly working with watercolours. His artworks have been exhibited and collected globally, featuring regularly in auctions at institutions like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. With a penchant for travel, Fee Ming’s primary interest revolves around capturing the essence of the locales around Southeast Asia—depicted through textures, colours, light and composition.

Full Of Hope.

Although currently residing in Kuala Terengganu, Fee Ming maintains a strong attachment with Bali, and it is this bond that gave rise to the conception of Journey To Tembok. Serving as a perceptive travel journal, Journey To Tembok is a collaborative project with Spa Village, illustrating his expedition of the island’s latent charm over the years through dirt roads and dusty tracks on his little motorbike. This journal unfolds as a collection of moments, akin to a treasure map directing readers to places of inspiration. “To travel, see and paint is a way of learning,” Fee Ming says. “I believe this is part of my life philosophy.”

For reservations and enquiries, contact YTL Travel Centre at +60327831000, email, or visit their website.

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