South Korean Actress Mun Ka Young Shares Her Best Travel Tips And Her Personal Packing Style

It seems like Mun Ka Young was born to be a superstar. Her given name ‘Ga’ means ‘beautiful’ while ‘Young’ means ‘shine’. In Korean culture, conception dreams are said to foretell a child’s future, and Mun’s mother had a magnificent dream of an Archeopteryx draped in jewels while pregnant with her—an image she now has tattooed on her back.

Mun Ka Young with the Tumi Asra Small Crossbody in Moonlight.

The 27-year-old was born in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and only moved back to South Korea when she was 10 years old. Fluent in German and English thanks to her time there, the multitalented actress also plays the piano and flute, dances ballet, and dabbled in sports such as horseback riding and golf during her childhood. Also known for her intellectual prowess, she graduated from the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University and has exquisite taste in books, citing Dante’s works as her favourites.

Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum Minaudiere in Blush.

In 2006, she started her career as a child actress and appeared in both film and television, gradually creating a solid foothold in the South Korean entertainment industry. However, her breakthrough role came as a supporting actress in the 2018 romance drama Tempted, stealing the show from the female lead. In 2020, she shot to global stardom for her appearance in the hit drama True Beauty, effortlessly transitioning from playing an ugly high school girl who transforms herself into a ‘goddess’ with makeup, and has steadily added to her filmography ever since.

Mun Ka Young with the Tumi Asra Shoulder Bag in Black.

Mun now adds another feather to her cap as the new global ambassador for Tumi, the international travel and lifestyle brand. During a recent launch event in Singapore, her first-ever campaign with Tumi for the Asra collection was unveiled. Simultaneously contemporary and versatile, the Asra bag features pleating with a soft structure, coordinating hardware, and a knotted shoulder strap that complements Tumi’s state-of-the-art luggage collections perfectly.

Which is your favourite item from the Spring/Summer 2024 ASRA collection?

My favourite would have to be the Asra Hobo Bag in black. With its bigger size, it is perfect for me to hold more essentials and pack more items on the go. But for a pop of colour, I would also go for the Asra Small Crossbody in Cameo Rose.

What is your favourite Tumi bag to bring when you travel and what is always in it?

When I’m travelling for work or photoshoots, it’s definitely the 19 Degree Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case in Hunter Green. The colour is really eye-catching and it’s easy to find when it comes out at the baggage reclaim area. Plus, I’m a maximalist packer and it has a large space to fit in everything. When I travel on a personal basis, I’d rather choose black because it fits with any style. I always have my lipstick with me and I like how Tumi products all come with compartments that allow me to categorise my items accordingly and efficiently.

Mun Ka Young with the Tumi Voyageur Valetta Medium Tote in Black and Gunmetal (left) and with the Tumi 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On in Mauve Texture.

What’s your number one travel tip?

The most important thing is to have a to-do packing list before travelling. I’m the type of person who needs to write down everything or I already have the list in my notes on what to pack because it’s very time-efficient. The fact that I can plan ahead and then make sure that everything is packed for my trip makes me happy and feel at ease. I would also say to never stop exploring and experiencing new people, places and things. Having grown up in two cultures and acknowledging the fact that I am just a small part of a vast world, it feels like nothing is impossible.

What is your best packing advice?

I’m a very precise and well-prepared packer. So, my advice is to check the weather at your destination, keep in mind the activities you have planned, and then choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. It’s also a good idea to pack a range of bag styles for different occasions, like the Asra Small Crossbody for sightseeing and night outs and the Asra Shoulder Bag as a stylish carry-on that can hold all your essentials for the flight.

(from left) Vietnamese Actress Diem My, Malaysian model and actress Scha Al-Yahya, Tumi’s global ambassador Mun Ka Young, and Malaysian actress Koe Yeet at the Tumi ‘Discovering Asra’ Event in Singapore.

What’s your favourite meal to eat at the end of a busy day?

I love dessert! It’s usually served as the last course of a meal, so for me, having several courses is like going on a journey to my favourite destination. I can’t wait for tonight’s celebrations (during the launch event) where I’ve been told there’s an amazing Singaporean dessert chef who will be making some special creations.

What is the best life lesson or advice you’ve ever learned so far?

It’s not something I learned from other people but something I’ve learned in life based on my own experiences. I’m good at waiting and using that time well. And the reason that I’m saying this is because not everything will be solved by waiting for a long time. But like this work opportunity that came to me with Tumi, maybe you will get a great opportunity if you are patient and wait long enough. I believe that this is the type of attitude or lifestyle that I have and want to continue to have throughout my life.

Mun Ka Young with the Tumi Voyageur Halsey Backpack in Light Mauve (left) and with the Tumi Asra Small Crossbody in Cameo Rose, Tumi Asra Shoulder Bag in Cameo Rose and Tumi Asra Large Hobo in Black.


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