Chateau Dionne’s Le Menu Printemps Welcomes The Spring Season With Abundant Flavours And Palate Contentment

As we welcome the official onset of spring, Chateau Dionne has recently rolled out its new spring menu—Le Menu Printemps—crafted by chef patron Andy Choy and sous chef Wei Han. Situated across two floors in the teeming commercial hub of Bukit Damansara, this contemporary French fine dining establishment caters to numerous dining preferences. With its streamlined floor-to-ceiling apéritif-digestif bar, a chef’s table open-kitchen concept on the ground floor, an art gallery-inspired dining space on the second floor, intimate private rooms, and a walk-in wine cellar with private storage amenities, Chateau Dionne facilitates a varied culinary affair.

Chateau Dionne’s kitchen crew.

Despite the absence of spring in Malaysia’s climate, diners will have the opportunity to savour a menu derived from the blossoming season, featuring fresh seasonal produce, premium meats, seafood, and a plethora of specialties and artisanal pleasures. I begin my dinner with a glass of Domaine Jean-Paul Picard Sancerre Blanc, which offers aromatic notes of citrus and a hint of minerality. This is followed by my initial course of the evening, with a few illustrative plates of mise en bouche centring on crispy rice coated asparagus, an heirloom carrot flan, a goat cheese tartlet accompanied by pickled beetroots and balsamic pearls, and a crunchy choux pastry filled with mozzarella, gruyère, and parmesan tuile. Next, a brioche infused with spring peas—symbolising the season—arrives at the table, coupled with caramelised onion butter and truffle butter. I am then presented with an imaginative amuse-bouche composed of avocado and a 63-degree organic egg, and garnished with caviar.

Thermidor beignet.

For my first entrée, I sample the St Jacques, which is a concordance of Hokkaido scallop, mango passion, and plum—a well-embodied juxtaposition of sweet, soothing and bountiful flavours. Ensuing this is Chateau Dionne’s commended dish and a personal favourite of mine—the Cheveux d’ange, supplemented with cold capellini, asparagus, Kaviari Kristal caviar, and drizzled with a light ponzu sauce. An adequate portion of pan-seared foie gras extends a pleasing interlude, served with Granny Smith apples and kiwi, and nestled on a bed of crumbles. Transitioning to the main courses, the Homard presents an ensemble of Canadian lobster, adjunct with a rich crustacean sauce and a taste of thermidor beignet. Noteworthy highlights include French turbot with artichoke and beurre blanc, as well as the Australian Wagyu oyster blade, tenderly cooked with foie gras, truffles, and enveloped in a sumptuous Périgeux sauce.

Cheveux d’ange.

Of course, no meal would be complete without desserts, and this menu excels in providing a heartening conclusion to my dining experience. The Pampelmousse is provisioned as a refreshing palate cleanser, intermixed with grapefruit, espuma and Campari jelly. I also have the pleasure of savouring their Grand Marnier soufflé, numbered 14517, which is infused with dark chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream. This signature treat is entailed by a miniature plaque outlining their soufflé history. We then conclude this indulgent ending with a strawberry fraisier, along with a fetching box of petit four, including hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles, Bordeaux canelé, luscious strawberries, mini macarons, lemon tart, and madeleines covered with crème anglaise and white chocolate.

Art gallery themed dining area on the second floor.

Chateau Dionne is located at 24G, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. Their Le Menu Printemps is now available for reservations.

Additionally, the restaurant has just introduced a corkage-free policy, allowing diners to enjoy their meals without any additional charges.

More photos of Chateau Dionne’s Le Menu Printemps

Chateau Dionne

Photography: Law Soo Phye

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