Photography Just Got Majestic With The New Leica SL3

Leica’s newly released mirrorless SL3 camera with a full-frame system offers photographers unprecedented image quality in both photography and videography. The brand partners existing users and the photographic community to ensure their cameras are up to the highest standards. All the functions of the Leica SL3 are based on thorough research and conversations with professional photographers, meeting the highest requirements in image and manufacturing quality, as well as ease of handling the device.

The new, versatile camera (RM34,700) is designed with state-of-the-art technology and phenomenal manufacturing quality. It’s lighter, and more compact and user-friendly compared with its predecessor, which was launched in 2015. All hardware is protected in a solid all-metal body that’s finished in elegant leather.

The BSI CMOS full-frame sensor with Triple Resolution Technology is right at the core of the Leica SL3. To make it more professional, the sensor can record raw files in DNG or JPEG formats with a resolution of either 60, 36 or 18MP. There’s also the dynamic range, which expands to 15 f-stops and an impressive ISO range from 50 to 100,000, ensuring detailed images of outstanding quality in all lighting conditions.

The Leica SL3 is also built with phase detection (PDAF), depth mapping (Object Detection AF), and contrast recognition (Contrast Detection AF). The three technologies combine to create razor-sharp photos through the camera’s innovative autofocus system in any light.

This camera is also designed with The EyeRes viewfinder and equipped with an elaborately manufactured optical system made of glass lenses. It shows the object in crystal-clear form with up to 120 frames per second and a resolution of 5.76 million pixels. Additionally, the live preview enables full control over the exposure and composition of images even before releasing the shutter. The SL3’s other new feature is the tiltable three-inch high-resolution touchscreen that also comes with a high-quality tilting mechanism and several viewing angles.

In the videography department, the SL3 can record in a resolution of up to 8K, supported by efficient codecs such as H.265 and ProRes by Apple. During this process, the new Maestro-IV processor with L² technology helps handle vast amounts of data easily, resulting in pictures with magnificent colour rendering and excellent noise performance.

More photos of the new Leica SL3


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