Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah And BAR.KAR KL Drew Inspiration From Melbourne, Victoria To Present An Unforgettable Luncheon

Victoria is home to a plethora of iconic natural treasures, from the rugged beauty of the coastal vistas along the Great Ocean Road to the famed Penguin Parade at Philip Island. However, what truly sets it apart is its vibrant celebration of diversity through its culinary offerings. The city has a lot to offer, whether it’s exploring eclectic eateries or immersing in the rustic charm of wineries in the Yarra Valley.

Against the backdrop of crackling woodfire and dancing flames of BAR.KAR KL’s open kitchen, a captivating four-hands collaboration unfolded. Led by chef Lee Zhe Xi, the culinary maestro behind BAR.KAR KL and Eat and Cook, alongside celebrated Malaysian chef Anis Nabilah, this luncheon promised a delightful exploration through the culinary landscape of Melbourne, Victoria.

Inspired by her recent trip to Victoria, Anis and Lee crafted a menu that combined Victoria’s rich culinary landscape with Malaysian flair. This luncheon provided a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come, heralding the launch of A Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria a digital series by Chef Anis Nabilah, supported by Visit Victoria and Malaysia Airlines. Scheduled to premiere on 26 April, this series will take viewers on an expedition through the enticing flavours of Melbourne and beyond.

“Through my series, I aim to unveil the layers of Melbourne and regional Victoria, showcasing the stories and the people behind the destination’s renowned culinary scene, and truly experience this destination in a whole new way, speaking to chefs, farmers, owners, and producers—all the people behind the food and beverage that we consume,” Anis said.

“We’re beyond ecstatic to share Melbourne and regional Victoria’s flavours through this intimate degustation menu at BAR.KAR KL,” said Celia Ho, Visit Victoria’s South and Southeast Asia Regional Manager. “It showcases the vibrant experiences that await Malaysians and international visitors alike, experiences that will also be vividly brought to life in Chef Anis Nabilah’s new digital series.”

Among the standout dishes on the menu, the Kulim Breeze Scallops was a huge hit, featuring Australian scallops en coquille served with shellfish bisque. The dish is further elevated with a drizzle of Kulim oil—jungle garlic oil sourced in Malaysia—and finger lime for a touch of acidity to complement its rich flavours.

The biggest highlight on the menu, however, was the Beef Picanha and Victorian Lamb Leg, accompanied by fragrant claypot saffron rice. The beef was aged for 21 days, then grilled and topped with chimichurri sauce. It was crisped around the edges, yet extremely tender in the centre. The lamb had been marinated, then sous-vide before it was charred on grill. Dare I say, it was the best lamb I’ve ever tasted, as each bite melted in my mouth.

This luncheon stood as a testament to the profound connection between travel and food, intertwined to ignite moments of discovery. To those poised to savour the flavours, cultures and landscapes of Victoria, consider this your sign to venture forth to Australia, where a world of culinary and cultural treasures await. And stay tuned to Chef Anis Nabilah’s YouTube channel, where the A Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria will soon be launching.

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