An Unforgettable Night Of Curated Cocktails At Here & Now Hosted With Award-Winning Mixologist Shingo Gokan

Located at The Five in Bukit Damansara, Here & Now is a modernised Tiki cocktail bar where guests will find themselves enveloped in echoing laughter, clinking glasses and rhythmic beats that transport them away from the mundane. A themed drinking establishment that dispenses elaborate cocktails, its interior design features walls reminiscent of caves, beige paintings mirroring beach sands, and doodles depicting modernised cavemen.

Co-founder, director and bartender Affie Adut has crafted a menu concept at Here & Now that revolves around the theme of time. Divided into three categories—Past Nostalgia, Present Day and Future Unexplored—each section loops with one another across four individual cocktails. The bar is also home to the Draft Haus, where tropical cocktails like Celery Cider and You Zo Fine are served on tap. Injecting a touch of whimsy, a “What’s Your Love Language” quiz is included in the menu, with tailored recommendations for both newcomers and seasoned cocktail enthusiasts based on their preferred love languages. Beyond that, the bar offers finger foods like chicken popcorn and onion rings, as well as heartier fare such as prawn katsu burger, meatball Bolognese and more.

Recently, the bar swung open its doors to host a special guest bartending event featuring award-winning mixologist Shingo Gokan, where guests experienced his crafted cocktails laced with local Malaysian influences. As the founder of SG Group, Gokan oversees a portfolio of acclaimed bars mainly in Shanghai and Tokyo. His bartending journey began in 2001, taking him to the United States, where he honed his skills in New York. In 2012, Gokan made history by winning the global finals of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition, representing the US. He then went on to become the first guest bartender at The Savoy Hotel’s emblematic American Bar in London.

Thereafter, Gokan has consistently introduced new bar concepts, expanding his repertoire to encompass eight outlets worldwide, including Speak Low, Sober Company, and The Odd Couple in Shanghai; The SG Club, SG Low, swrl, and æ (ash) in Tokyo; and El Lequio in Okinawa. Gokan currently holds the record for the most appearances by a single bartender on the World’s and Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, and was also recognised as one of the industry’s most influential figures by Bar World 100.

During his brief visit to Kuala Lumpur, Robb Report Malaysia got to witness his cocktail expertise firsthand. Excitement filled the bar as he entered, greeted by cheers from the eager guests anticipating Gokan’s artistry. The collaborative menu spotlighted four cocktails, and our top picks were the refreshing Kaku Highball Meets Lemon Sour, infused with Suntory Whisky Kakubin, SG Shochu MUGI, SG Low’s Lemon Cordial, and soda; as well as the exotic On A Slow Boat To Malaysia, crafted with Roku gin, mangosteen, yuzu, jasmine, and patchouli. Also on the menu were the Saku, with Roku gin, Sakura Kanada craft liqueur, and geisha coffee beans, and Mr. Miyagi with Suntory Whisky Kakubin, passion fruit, Campari, and Kokuto de Lequio—both boasting a spirited kick and bolder flavours than the rest.

Here & Now is located at The Five Block E, Level 3-02, operating from Tuesday to Sunday. On weekends, public holidays, and special occasions, the bar hosts local DJs with curated playlists, allowing guests to unwind and let loose.

Here & Now

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