Chaumet’s Bee My Love Collection Serves to Add Allure to Cha Eun Woo’s Striking Appearance

Likened to a Greek statue from the Louvre Museum in the past, South Korean singer and actor Cha Eun Woo has earned himself the moniker of the ‘King of Visuals’ due to his breathtakingly good looks. It is therefore fitting that the 27-year-old donned pieces from Chaumet’s Bee My Love Collection, inspired by the imperial emblem of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, during his recent Hong Kong fan concert.

Founded in 1780, Chaumet has an illustrious history and quickly became the official jeweller to the Imperial court and personal jeweller to Empress Joséphine, after completing a commission for Napoleon’s coronation sword. Although their savoir-faire has been passed down through the centuries, Bee My Love is a resolutely modern take on the imperial symbol of the bee with its graphic reinterpretation of the honeycomb.

Also dubbed the Prince of Chaumet, Cha has been a global ambassador for the French luxury jewellery and watches maison since 2022, and his choice of dazzling pieces from the exquisite collection enhanced his regal aura. During the fan concert, the Bee My Love half pavé diamond necklace in white gold (RM150,410) hung gleaming from his neck, as the focal point of his white suit ensemble and was further enhanced by the low neckline of his vest.

Another glamorous black sequin blazer look was paired with two Bee My Love rings (RM15,000), which glimmered from his fingers as he held the microphone to serenade the crowd.

Alternating diamonds, mirror-polished white gold, and finely wrought cells circle the finger of the wearer, highlighting the wearer’s poise or adding a refined finishing touch to a look. Also available in iterations of yellow gold and rose gold, the rings can be stacked for endless styling possibilities to suit each personality.

With Chaumet’s timeless designs, Cha demonstrates how sophisticated style can meet minimalistic pieces for men looking to embrace individuality.


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