Discover The Best Of French And Italian Fusion Cuisine At N.I.C.E Bistronome

Guided by the flavours of the French Riviera city of Nice, the new N.I.C.E Bistronome in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, enlivens French bistro cuisine with a touch of Italian flair. Brought to you by the team behind Chateau Dionne, chefs Andy Choy and Kenny Tang have created a menu spotlighting a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes that offer a bracing and aestival taste year-round. The bistro is located beneath its sister café, Doux Doux by Chateau Dionne, and exudes a distinctly European ambience with its orange-themed interior, open-concept kitchen, picturesque visuals of Nice, and Mediterranean-style tableware.

Chef Andy Choy of N.I.C.E Bistronome.

The inception of N.I.C.E Bistronome stemmed from Choy’s desire to introduce a new culinary venture. Upon discovering an available space below Doux Doux by Chateau Dionne, he seized the opportunity and promptly began developing a fresh concept. During his leisure time, he delved into research on the historical ties between Italy and France, particularly focusing on the intricate relationship involving Nice and the region’s complex history of allegiance between Italy under the County of Savoy, the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, and France as part of the County of Provence. Kindled by this rich chronicle backdrop, Choy envisioned N.I.C.E Bistronome as a reflection of these cultural connections.

Spring chicken accompanied by lemon and mashed herb potatoes.

To begin, indulge in a basket of freshly baked focaccia with accompaniments of virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a dollop of tapenade spread. Among their top offerings is the burrata with figs and hazelnut crumble—a crowd favourite that delivers a tantalising mix of flavour profiles and textural contrasts. A vibrant Nicoise salad highlighting garden-fresh vegetables, tuna and anchovy dressing, along with six pieces of escargot and a serving of fish soup, completes this comprehensive appetiser line-up. Additionally, I sampled a selection of five beverage options including citrus espresso, non-alcoholic espresso martini, lychee rose sparkling, yuzu lemon sparkling, and Valrhona dark cocoa crunched.


Turning to the main courses, the Ratatouille presents a beautifully arranged assortment of Mediterranean vegetables, while my personal standout is their braised beef cheek—a generous serving with mozzarella, balsamic and red wine jus. Following suit is the well-seasoned halibut plated with green pea basil sauce, along with the spring chicken accompanied by lemon, mashed herb potatoes and artichoke. For prawn lovers, their homemade pasta with tiger prawns covered in crustacean sauce is a genuine palate pleaser—bringing together the tangible essence of the prawns and pasta al dente consistency.

Homemade pasta with tiger prawn and crustacean sauce.

Finally, desserts. At the end of the menu is their Sweet Memories section, where you can treat yourself to their chef’s tiramisu, tart of the day, and dark chocolate and mandarin orange cannoli. However, what caught my attention was the pistachio gelato. Made in-house with their gelato machine, it’s not overly sweet and just the right amount of nuttiness. From the enticing starter plates to the scrumptious mains and decadent confections, every bit and crumb transport diners to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean—leaving a sense of lingering warmth long after the final bite.

Chef’s tiramisu, dark chocolate and mandarin orange cannoli, and pistachio gelato.

N.I.C.E Bistronome opens daily from 11am to 11pm and is located at 939, Jalan 17/38, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya. For dining reservations, call or WhatsApp +60125799309.

More photos of N.I.C.E Bistronome

N.I.C.E Bistronome

Photography: Law Soo Phye

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