A full custom bike from Revival Cycles

A full custom bike from Revival Cycles

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    Motorcycle owners like to talk about the feeling of freedom that comes from riding their bikes. Alan Stulberg and Stefan Hertel, the cofounders of Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas, derive that sensation from designing and building custom projects such as the one offered for this gift. “Once we have control of the entire build, all the options open up, and we can come up with more interesting ways to blend the form and function,” says Hertel.

    That’s what they did with the Henne Revival BMW Landspeeder (shown). The Landspeeder is based on the 1928 BMW R37 that Ernst Henne rode at record-breaking speeds in the late 1920s and into the mid-1930s. The client commissioned the Landspeeder to be a static display. But Revival built the bike so that it can be ridden, as it does with all of its projects. Hertel says most custom projects take about six months to complete.

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