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Gastronomy Getaway at the Palace Hotel Tokyo

¥215,000 (RM8,575)
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    At the resplendent Palace Hotel Tokyo, a host of gastronomic offerings await. Tapping into the learned expertise of shochu advisor Yukari Sakamoto (author of Food Sake Tokyo) and Sake Evangelist John Gauntner (a certified Master of Sake Taster) all the way to the famed ramen hunting exploits of Brian MacDuckston, the Palace Hotel promises a nonpareil epicurean discovery through a highly customised tour of the city’s culinary gems. Within the hotel, its quartet of Japanese restaurants offer a soothing retreat and dazzling view of the Maranouchi district, with equal parts of modernism and tradition. Savour the seasonal freshness of a kaiseki set, amid a view of graceful swans on the moat and be charmed by the faultless service level.

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