Amber, an organic farmhouse experience at Alila Anji, China

Alila Anji is proud to introduce its newest dining concept – Amber, an organic farmhouse experience named after one of the most precious gems in the world. Guests can now enjoy unique and traditional open-fire dining every weekend.

Inspired by memorable personal travels to Argentina, Marco den Ouden, General Manager of Alila Anji brought the idea of year-round outdoor cooking techniques to a previously abandoned farmhouse in the countryside, utilising salvaged materials to create “Amber”.

Anji is China’s first national ecological county, and one of the nation’s sustainable environmental development zones, in the Zhejiang province. In alignment with the pristine setting and sustainable footprint of Alila Anji, the cuisine served at Amber comes from the green natural produce grown in its own garden. Organic ingredients including tomato, cucumber, different kinds of fruit and herbs such as basil, Sichuan pepper, citrus as well as white tea trees, have been planted by guests and are cared for by the Alila Anji gardeners to ensure flavoursome freshness throughout the seasons.

Discovered by the Alila Anji team, Amber was once an overgrown discarded farmhouse situated near the resort’s picturesque lakeside. With the use of recycled materials and incorporating local craftsmanship and techniques, the entire space has been remodelled into a comfortable countryside dining experience. The signature interior design highlights of Amber are seen in the use of warm colours, reclaimed bottles as ceiling lamps and details such as bamboo solar lighting, wall lights and wooden benches redesigned from recycled sofas cladded with salvaged barn wood.

Amber’s inviting Tiffany-blue facade welcomes guests to its farmhouse-style cuisine and dining area to enjoy the produce from its three organic gardens. For Alila Anja’s Executive Chef Steven Wu, the emphasis is on celebrating traditional open fire cooking techniques (dry smoking, grilling and smothering) whilst embracing Asian flavours in a healthy and sumptuous menu as well as exploring fresh farm-to-table ingredients to bring out the best natural flavours. “Our team includes experts in Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine, all coming together to create an intimate and sensory experience for guests.”

Available every weekend and for private gatherings on weekdays for 10 to 15 adult guests, Amber creates an intimate dining experience for guests to celebrate special moments with loved ones and to share a story with the tranquil backdrop of chirping birds and the glowing warmth of a log fire.

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